The Ninja Master Prep Has Found A Place In My Kitchen!

REVIEWS | | October 24, 2009 at 7:55 pm

I should rather say “counter”, and that is a true honor in itself. The truth is the moment my oldest became a toddler I somehow lost counter space in my home. No matter what I did the counters became cluttered, though I salvaged some space for a laptop, priorities ehh? And you wondered how I always seem online or reply mails in a jiffy. That is precisely the reason why we are fussy about any appliance that survives my kitchen. When I attended the EuroPro launch of The Ninja Master Chef in NY with Food Network’s Robin Miller I did so more for Robin but was very impressed with the Ninja Master Prep.

Returning home, knowing they would be shipping me a complimentary one home, I had to do some convincing to my hubby that it was worth cleaning some space for (all the while hoping I was right). Anyway since it has come home I have made a Tomato puree, Mango Smoothie,  Spooky Raisin Spiders, and a peanut chutney. I have been impressed with every result. Having used the huge blenders in other brands it is true that the Ninja surpasses crushing ice. The even chopping of the tomatoes really surprised me.

What I liked about Ninja Master:

  • Crushes ice like a dream.
  • Purees evenly
  • The corded portion of the appliance does not touch the mixture, thus no cleaning.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Adequate sizes of containers (it comes with 2 sizes).
  • Lightweight
  • Can move between the 2 sizes of bowls easily.

What I thought could be better in the next version:

  • An added container/bowl that is smaller just when you need to make just a teen quantity of something.
  • The lids take a little adjusting to fit right, or maybe that is just me, but then again it should work easily without too much fuss for anyone.
  • The motor is pretty heavy, so it feels a bit weighty.

As you can see the improvements are needed but the functionality of the product is unmistakable. I hear people rave about the Magic ¬†Bullet and I hear comments that this is supposed to be better, but in honesty I can’t vouch for anything since I don’t own a Magic Bullet. But I do own the Ninja Master Prep and so far it has been good, so I’ll keep it.



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  1. 1

    We are also enjoying our Ninja chopper/blender from that same event. We’ve been making mashed potatoes, smoothies and iced mocha coffee drinks for me.

  2. 2
    Natashia S. says:

    Just wondering if you have thorwn apple slices or any other kind of fruit with skin on it into your ninja and got smooth results?
    im my blender im am noticing that it dies not puree fruit skins very well and i end up with fruit peelings in my smoothies. Thanks for the info in advance!

  3. 3
    Mommy Niri says:

    Natashia, I have not tried slices of apples yet, but feel pretty confident that it should be fine. I tried peanuts with peels on and no flakes. I aim to try it and post it here shortly. The price really is a bargain (at least I think so).

  4. 4
    debbiegirl says:

    Sorry to say that Ninja’s customer service is HORRIBLE. I’ve been trying to contact them and the only 800 number they give on website says you must have a Sprint wireless phone to use!!! I’ve written tons of emails just asking them to call and they keep telling me to call the 800 number! I had ordered a part and they sent the wrong one. I sent it back to exchange and never heard
    anything…it’s been a month.

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