My Dear Blogger Friends: Be Nice!

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be nice

I have been keeping my nose to the grindstone and pumping out posts trying hard to keep my content fresh barely lifting my head up to breathe. When I do manage to get out to tweet I see the parties I am missing yet I know I have commitments to post so I do. Maybe I feel like I have extended myself too much at times which is amazing because if I just closed “shop” and said bye bye to none would probably notice. Seriously, the deadlines are all self imposed but I personally need that for me or else nothing would get done.

There are so many blogging styles out there, some are more brazen than I would dare, some more sharing enough to scare while others are so attacking it makes me fear. Yes, much different from me but I admire every blog out there, it is a voice. While I may not appreciate every blogger I do respect every blog. It makes me sad to hear some ugly words being flung around the blogoshpere these days. Some so despicable I dare not mention and makes me want to wash a few mouths with soap and water. I wonder if the veil of anonymity gives one super strength to say things they would never dare say to your face.

Is the competition making bloggers bitter?  Or maybe the struggle a tad bit frustrating? Admittedly working for free (or next to free)  is a little difficult for anyone out of the blogoshpere to comprehend, heck I am still trying to figure it out myself. I am sometimes a little sorry I took time to take up air and hear these comments and as I write this post I make a promise to go back into my self-imposed hibernation to do some writing. Words hurt people, stop it! This blogging thing is growing, maturing to who knows where but certainly to something lucrative. Those guys who are shaking in their boots thinking that bloggers are taking their jobs have reason to fear.

Some are just waiting for us to show unprofessional behavior so as to say “Look at them bicker and you want to trust your brand to these mommy bloggers?” We are playing right into their hands. Let’s be respectful. Recently a storm broke through about bloggers on a Nestle summit and I was aghast at the behavior (follow the hashtag #nestlefamily to see the conversations). My point here is not about whether the company is right or wrong but whether we automatically have a license to behave rudely to bloggers as we hide behind our avatar.

We are sitting in one of the most exciting of  fields (in my opinion) and I am thrilled to be part of it. Ok, so maybe 12 years of software engineering makes me no expert, but even I know a good thing when I see it. Let’s ride this blogging adventure together and be the ones who respect each other (even if we don’t like each other). Remember the sisterhood (thank you Blogalicious 09 for reminding me of it)? We can do this if we do it together. Diversity (of blogging or anything) is a good thing! Seriously if I suck at blogging, I will lose followers, if I break rules the FTC is sure to be on my back. Stop policing and bickering and let’s get back to what we all do best: blogging.

Like I would tell my 2 year old daughter “Be nice!”

UPDATE 05/14/2010 : 5 Reasons Big Bloggers Need To Be Nice To Small Bloggers!

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