Mommy Niri And Office Max Surprise Teacher With Supplies!

NEWS | | October 6, 2009 at 9:50 pm


You would already know that Mommy Niri is an Office Max “Max Mom”.  You also know that I hosted a local Office Max party to collect supplies for a local teacher. You may even know I held a contest for $100 Office Max Gift Card for a deserving teacher.

Well what you probably did not know is that Office Max is giving $1000 to 1000 schools in office supplies. Well today I got to participate at one of these donations. The teacher at the  Parker Elementary School in Billerica, MA was nominated. This teacher is also a special education teacher. I will let the pictures and videos say it all but want to say I had goosebumps today.  This is my proudest blogging moment to be a part of this.

Watch the videos to relive this amazing story.

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