Friday 5: How To Hold Down The Fort While Mom Goes To A Blog Conference?

FRIDAY 5 | | October 9, 2009 at 9:31 pm


Ever wonder how my kids (ages 2 & 4) know Chicago, Asheville, New York and Atlanta? Well, to tell the truth …¬†mommy has been to all these places (for blogging conferences). Every night when I put them to bed I tell them to dream about toys that mommy will bring from the conference. And now the kids understand that blogging means more ¬†toys, so they kind of understand that the wait is worth it. As much as I (bravely) sugar coat the whole experience its not easy for anyone – mommy, daddy and the kids. I hope that it is not just our story but every blogging family goes through the same experience. So, this time the Friday 5 comes from daddy, owner of The Papa Post, who realized that there are other dads who need support.

Start Acting Like Mommy, The Sooner The Better

It helps to be mentally prepared that no one is going to come for help. Get up early, clean the sink, sort the clothes, run through the schedule for the day as to what needs to be cooked and what birthday parties to attend.

Dock The Laptop In Kitchen

Trust me you won’t get time to do any work on computer. If you are lucky you can check emails while cleaning the sink or feeding the baby

Be Nice To Kids; It Goes A Long Way

If you handle them with respect and not ignore them, they would appreciate. That means less chances of meltdowns. Let them know about the plan for rest of the day – they love to hear that.

Stuff Goodies All Over The House

This is not the time to teach the child anything – leave that for mommy. Bribe them every time they throw a tantrum. It will keep you sane and thats the most important thing. You don’t want to be go berserk with no help (read mommy) nearby.

Don’t Become A Child

If you feel the urge to start playing with kids (not unusual, I do a lot) just keep a close eye on time. It doesn’t take long for a hungry or a sleepy child to become cranky and then its too late. Now, not only you need to manage the tantrums but also prepare a meal. (Make sure that you are some what familiar with the kitchen otherwise no one can save you. Going to McDonalds or Burger King is ruled out since it is too much to buckle up the unwieldy child)

I had quite a few ideas but in the spirit of Friday 5 series, I kept it to only 5. It would be great to know what others have to share.

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