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NEWS | | October 21, 2009 at 7:47 am

Nook, eBook Reader by Barnes & Noble

While Wal-Mart and Amazon (and now Target) are slugging out for the top 10 best sellers for lowest prices (so far at $8.99), Barnes & Noble announced Nook, the Wireless eBook Reader. Just a few months after announcing their Free eReader app, BN surprised everyone with Nook. Nook marries innovative technology and sleek design – a good competition for Kindle (Nook vs. Kindle). Here are some cool features:

  • Android based device
  • Color touch screen for navigation
  • Wi-Fi for Barnes & Noble in-store browsing
  • Transfer PDF documents from your computer
  • Lend your eBook to a friend for 2-weeks
  • Ability to read your eBooks on multiple devicesiPhone, PC or MAC

Excerpts from the Barnes & Noble Media Call on Oct 21

Answering a question from Karen of Dow Jones, William Lynch President of Barnes & Noble dot com said that BN has no plans to jump into the Amazon – Wal-Mart price war. Mr. Lynch further elaborated that book business is about long tail business. The best sellers accounted for less than 5% of total sale.

Mr. Lynch did not disclose where exactly Nook is being manufactured, when pressed by Steven of Technology Review,┬ábut he indicated somewhere in Asia (my guess … China). There is a potential to have advertising on the device but no immediate plans.

The eBook lending works on single license. Once the owner lends the eBook, the borrower can read from their eReader. The owner cannot read the eBook for that duration (just like physical book being given to a friend). After 2 weeks the book comes back automatically to the owner.

While answering some of my direct questions, Mr. Lynch indicated that BN will continue to drive customers to their retail stores. He indicated that the sale of eBooks would be less than 5% of the total in the next few years. He did not seem worried about the decline in sale of physical books.

Since the launch of Kindle the $30 Billion book market has changed forever. While BN decided to take the challenge head on others are waiting on the side lines.

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