Blogalicious And The Sisterhood Of The Blogging Ladies!

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Photo by Carol Cain,

Photo by Carol Cain,

This is just another post that is way overdue but for my personal diary of blogging I wanted to write it. Blogalicious 09 was the inaugural conference of the MamaLaw media group to create a conference for women of color. I was asked pretty early on if I would be a speaker (on secrets to a successful blog) and although I was tickled pink I was unsure if they got the right person. Of course there was no way I was going to ask them that, as I was thrilled at the prospect about being a speaker at this event, but also I kept thinking maybe I might do something big and then be worthy of the honor. When I related it to my friends they laughed thinking I was kidding, I was not!

I had never been to Atlanta and I was pretty excited to be going to a conference where it was not the same speakers on the panels. I knew a few people so I was excited about spending time with them. It is true that the more time you spend blogging, the more your would includes bloggy buddies. I mean few people outside the blogoshpere actually understand what we do. I had just got back from Type A Mom conference so I was not thrilled to be traveling again and also have papa play daddy daycare again so soon. To compound matters it was mine and hubby’s birthday during the conference (I was actually speaking on my birthday) and it makes me really sad to miss my family on that special day.

I had never been to Atlanta and I tried to make no preconceived notions. Since times were still tough on the home-front I was a little wary to keep the budget in check. I never expected such a well planned and perfect conference. The elegance and entire execution of the event was beyond par. Normally I prefer conferences on the smaller scale as it is more personal and allows for proper networking. What normally suffers is the extravagance of bigger conference which was not the case here. There was no mad rush from panel to party as everything was well spaced and stocked.

Here’s my favorite part of this conference: the intense support. There was no bitterness, bragging or brawls involved. True, as I have been told many of the bloggers were new, but this is just what the doc ordered for a rather jaded Mommy Niri, who contemplates whether the brouhaha of Mommy Blogging is enough to make me quit (can it be called quitting if you don’t earn anything?).  Many in attendance were not people of color and to me it was amazing to hear that they felt welcome at all times. Here it was a celebration of bloggers of color but done with class and companionship.  Thank you MamaLaw for reminding me of why I blog, and see you in Miami for Blogalicious ’10!

Photo by Carol Cain,

Photo by Carol Cain,

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    I agree it was a great conference. It was great meeting and hanging out with you and, of course, it was an honor to spend the first hours of your birthday together. Mmmm. Cake and chai tea.

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    You did an excellent job on the panel. I learned so much from you. Blogalicious was an excellent conference and I’m so glad I had a chance to meet all of you ladies.

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    Blogalicious was a FABULOUS conference!!

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