Zhu Zhu Pets: Finally A Mess Free Pet!

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Mommy Niri’s Win Zhu Zhu Pet’s Contest closes on October 11th.

I have a huge love for dogs and so is my hubby, but since we live in New England which is known for its snowy winters, we never owned a dog for fear of the messy home. Fast forward a few years later our home is as messy as can be with our 2 little girls yet the thought of adding more work with a pet is a scary idea. Still we yearn for the fun and frolic of owning a pet. When the folks over at BSM Media asked me whether I wanted to host a Zhu Zhu Pets toy party, I thought “toys” and “parties” are two of my favorite words so “heck yeah”. I mean, wouldn’t you? What is a Zhu Zhu pet you wonder? Ah well to state it simply it is an electronic hamster. But actually that is too simply put, it is not just a hamster that scoots around. It has some smart intelligence built in that I am yet to totally decipher (hard for a software engineer to just accept things at will) but the movements seem pretty calculated.


I was lucky to get the entire habitat for the hamster including the car, wheel, ball and slide so I could see the hamster totally up to its antics. It was great that I also got a bunch of hamsters to give to the kids at the party. The children were super excited as were my 2 little girls. The cuddly sensation of the hamster along with the cute squeaks (not like a mouse) they made were a winning combination. The fact that they were not smelly was a doubly awesome factor.

The toys were listed as for 4 years and above and I would recommend sticking to that. Also as with all locomotive toys keep away from hair, as my little daughter will attest to (thank heavens my girls have an abundance of hair). You may want to stock up on the batteries too. The best feedback I got on the ZhuZhu pets? My friend’s son who does not love animals at all in the house fell in love with his ZhuZhu pet. This is a keeper.

UPDATE 05/22/2010:

Kung Zhu Hamsters, the next generation of zhu zhu pets, were unveiled at the Toy Fair, NY.
Zhu Zhu Pets are now available on Nintendo.

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