They Let Me Go…

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It was a call I had dreading, well somewhat. Actually I had stopped expecting it so it was a surprise. When hubby called to say those words, the belated breakfast that I had been dying to eat tasted like charcoal in my mouth. I mean we should be experts of this in my home right? I mean we have gone through enough lay-offs and should be immune to it, right? But I guess that is like saying that if you get burnt enough you stop feeling the pain.

Just last year, around this time, we were visiting these same emotions. In fact I still remember it as it was 2 days before our birthdays (we share the same birthday) and I had a Boston BlogHer the day after. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking of it. It is amazing how tough times heighten every little mountain and magnify every little crack in a marriage. How every conversation everywhere suddenly gets amplified to remind you of your status. Frightening how a job defines who you are. Today a hard, late night working guy and tomorrow “Pack up in 10 minutes!” changes everything.

Social settings can become a trial on their own, a mixture of pity and pie and one can be left with a taste of indigestion. It is also a time when you see the nature of people. Some friends come out of nowhere and some “friends” unmask to reveal some unsavory behavior. Of course insensitivity can reign supreme and just a little dished out (even if it was unmeant to be that way) can push you over the edge.

Life is brutal but the manner of being kicked out the door from work even more so. With marching orders and you and your “accomplices” being escorted out thebuilding is tantamount to criminal. It is the one biggest reason I am so reluctant to rejoin the rat race. I guess like taxes and death, working in these environments is inevitable. I guess this is the Layoff Game.

So this time we are going to (try to)  do it differently. We are going to say this is a perfect opportunity to refocus and think that better opportunities are just the other side of the paycheck. We will not try to focus on the fact that applying for unemployment is difficult (both mentally and a challenge getting through the paperwork). We will not try to think of medical insurance and how we will pay for it so our 2 little girls can be healthy. We will not try to think that a job defines who we are. We will not hear the ice-cream truck that draws every kid in the neighborhood like a magnet. We will not think about our non-existent savings. We will not think about how to pay for our children’s education. We will not let this get the better of us.

We will not…

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