Robin Miller Introduces Euro-Pro’s Ninja Kitchen Master Prep!

NEWS | | September 29, 2009 at 8:45 pm


So you know how some people are all about certain channels which they love? Well Mommy Niri is a total Food Network junkie. I never get to watch the shows normally during the day as I limit television viewing for my kids but I am known on occasion to sneak snippets in. Well when I heard that Food Network star Robin Miller (She hosts Quick Fix Meals) was going to be demonstrating the wonders of the new Ninja Kitchen Kitchen Master (somewhat a food processor marries a blender device)  I was (super) thrilled to be going. Even though Type A Mom conference was happening that same week I knew opportunities don’t knock on my door everyday. So after awaking at 3:00am (yes, you read that right 3-I-am-crazy-to-be-doing-this-O-clock) I head to Boston.

After losing my way a few times to the Mandarin hotel, where the event was to be held, I finally get there. Now although I love going to NY to see all the fab events (and there is no shortage of them) I simply love meeting all my bloggy buddies.  Anyway I expected to see a gadget similar to the Magic Bullet but this sounds better. Robin Miller was just as amazing in person (more so actually) and showed us several of her quick recipes using the Ninja Kitchen Master. From what I saw,  this is what I loved about it:

  • the safety aspect of having the lid lock in place before working
  • the double lid prevents me having to wash the corded part of the appliance, which is normally a pain for regular ones.
  • The material is BPA free, enough said
  • There is no clumping in the blender
  • There is a lifetime guarantee on the blade.

There is much more to say on the Ninja Kitchen Master, but I am going to wait on trying my own at home before giving more feedback. We then got a (hands on) demonstration of Euro Pro’s cleaning devices, the makers of the famous Shark steamer. Anything that uses less chemicals has my vote. My inside joke is my home has the least chemicals since I barely clean 😉

We ended the event with a scrumptious meal prepared using Robin’s recipes.

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