Meet Dr. Rooney, A Dentist Exploring The Use Of Natural Oral Care Products!

INTERVIEWS | | September 6, 2009 at 3:07 am


A few months ago I had reviewed The Natural Dentist products of Oral Care. When I heard of them again regarding a local dentist who also has been using the products of The Natural Dentist I jumped at the opportunity. Look, it is one thing to hear a product is all natural but the questions of effectiveness needs to be addressed and who better than a dentist.

I was pleased to meed Dr. Elizabeth Rooney who met me at her practice in Boston to get a better understanding. I was amazed to learn that she had been using the product for 6 years in her practice and although initially she recommended it for special or sensitive cases she soon began to use it as part of her routine cases as well.

The fact that we choose a natural way for so many aspects of our life like eating, cleaning and driving should have meant that natural oral care should have been addressed to but this aspect is so easily forgotten. Using toothpaste and other oral care products that have no colors, additivies or chemicals also means a responsible living choice.

Here is Dr. Rooney discussing her relationship with The Natural Dentist.

To have something with color not have the FDC colors in it is a great feeling to know that my kids will have not have to clean their teeth with chemicals.  To learn that their colors come from fruits and vegetables and the sparkle from mica! While I had Dr. Rooney in attendance I decided to get some advice from her, especially regarding kids, for the wonderful readers of Mommy Niri.

I asked her what her advice was regarding food and the impact on teeth.

It would have been highly amiss of me to be in the presence of a dentist with my Flip camcorder and not ask her to show how to brush teeth, right?

And finally I have no idea about you but brushing time is a time of whining in my home. That also means I start the day on a “great” note.  Maybe some of Dr. Rooney’s ideas may pique your interest.

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