Friday 5: 5 Signs That You Are A Blogger!

FRIDAY 5 | | September 11, 2009 at 10:17 pm


Ok, still officially Friday and so it means that it is time for Mommy Niri’s Friday 5 series. Well this week with my 5 signs of a blogger, I  may be just  revealing too much.

  • Stats are important to you. You monitor it with a gusto but  (hopefully) not against other bloggers but with comparison to yourself and previous months (or days). When you do worse than you expect you try to work harder (as if that was possible) to get them up and when they seem to soar you again worry that you need to keep up. And I thought I got out of the rat race when I left engineering in the corporate world.
  • Comments make you happy, even if they are not positive comments. Ok, sometimes people leave pretty nasty comments but my rule is if it is relevant to the topic and not obscene, I publish it anyway. I figure I should be happy enough that not only did they stop by, but they wrote something. Which is more than I can say for my friends who make claims that they read my blog (some even make declarations that they like it) but alas I have no (written) proof,
  • PR guys are a (blogger) gal’s best friend. You are excited to meet PR people as you think some new project is about to start. Well mostly anyway, as long they treat you with respect and know your name. Nothing is worse than getting a PR pitch stating “dear blogger” and don’t even get me started about the “story idea” pitches.
  • You get all excited to meet your online buddies. I remember being in the lobby at BlogHer and other people staring at the women of BlogHer all saying they were glad to meet a’nd hugging profusely. I guess to the naive eye it would feel strange that people would feel excited about friends they never met. With my hubby just being let go from his job recently, I did find that my online buddies are indeed true buddies.
  • Your ears perk up when someone  uses words like blogs, twitter, facebook, widgets and flickr. It seems hard to keep up with people who are not online.  Sure the ignorant amongst us still declare that “ah, your blogging is a great hobby, especially since you are a SAHM and have nothing to do.” I seethe but I drop hints of how I went UP in the sky, and meeting the creator of Super Why, or throwing parties for the latest toys.

It may sound all glam to some but blogging is hard work and unpaid work at that. I have to confess that I totally love it. I get to write and be me. I think the best verdict I got from my 4 year old little girl who declared “Mama, when I grow up I want to be a blogger!”

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