Friday 5: 5 Reasons Moms Have Super Powers!

FRIDAY 5 | | September 18, 2009 at 9:25 pm


Hey there, if you are new here this is part of Mommy Niri’s Friday 5 series. If you aren’t you already know that this is where the fun is. This week let’s talk about those amazing powers we have. We may not wear a cape but mess with a mama and you may just get zapped.

  1. Remover of all boo-boo’s! Ever seen how no matter how quickly that crying face gets calm with a simple kiss? I must admit that no matter how frustrating of a day I have (and boy do they run the course here) I love that power to make it all good!
  2. We manage to rule the roost! Not sure how the word goes in your home but in mine the line “Ask mama first.” seems to be the song sung in my home. It is also the one obeyed more if I sing it rather than hubby.  It may bother me at times to be the “bad cop” but i like having that power.
  3. We can distinguish every type of cry! Not only do we know our lil kiddo’s cries in a room full of (crying) kids, we can even tell you if it needs attention or ignoring. On that point of crying, is it me or is the whining cry one that makes one have deviant thoughts?
  4. We have x-ray vision. How else do we find every item on demand (hidden or not)? In the home we moms are the GO-TO people.
  5. We magically make tantrums disappear. In the middle of a restaurant and your little one freaks our her pizza is “broken”  and acts like the world has just come to an end, mama has enough tricks up her sleeve to change the act, fast!

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