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Congratulations Winners: Donna Kozar, Cheryl Yoder, Candie Luster, Jennifer Girsche, Janet Fricano, Patricia Treskovich, Carol Dziuba, Amanda Kinder, Jeccica Simpson, and Carol Lawrence


When I was contacted by Hostess about reviewing their new line of 100 calorie snacks (mini cakes)  I was unsure. I normally am pretty picky about cakes and truth be told rarely reach out to non bakery ones. I did agree for 2 reasons, one being the 100 calorie thing is a value for not blowing a diet (no, not on one but the lord knows I need it) and also small enough to carry in the car for kids. The second being that I know from a previous contest that these are popular with my readers and no way would I deprive you from getting a chance to win one for yourself.

The packs I received to sample from Hostess were the carrot cake, coffee cake and the chocolate cake ones. I must admit it it is not bakery taste but then I did not expect it. Was certainly less sweeter but some of the commercial ones are so sweet it is unreal so it was a nice surprise. It did not feel so much as a cake but more like a snack, I wish they were fluffier but I guess that may mean they would spoil quicker. The size was too small to quench anything for me but the fact that my little ones could pop them in their mouth easily could easily forgive the size factor.  I guess with a pack of 3 A(that add to the 100 calories) it is meant to prolong the snack and thus hoping you don’t binge.

Important to note is that each box has 6 packs of 3, so 18 in a box.  Not sure if I would use them as a weight watching tool (though my cob-web covered scale could use the help) but if I were to opt to use them it would be more of a treat stashed in the car or an impromptu picnic. With 10 winners the odds would certainly be in your favor.

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