Wickedly Great Way To Make Cookies!

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edible photo cookiesAs a mom the days of browsing in a place with kids have long been a thing of the past.  With a 2 and 4 year old in tow it becomes more of an effort than the amusement I may derive at some outings. Some things like strawberry picking is one of my favorite activities for the simple reason that as long as the kids have something to do they are out of trouble. Some kids may be complacent sitting on my lap while the world around them happens but mine are of the exploring ilk and I am ok with that, on most days.

Anyway when I received an invitation from the Wicked Good Cookies to explore their establishment my interest was only slightly piqued. They offer very personalized cookies, great for gifts or party favors and even boasts the cookies of Fenway Park. Then I saw that kids can get involved in the whole process of making thier own cookies, as part of their “Create-A-Cookie Clubhouse” and I was almost out the door keys in hand until I saw that they were almost an hour away.  Visions of backseat squabbling and a crowded calendar before BlogHer made me shelve the visit for a bit.

On returning from BlogHer and a reminder email from the guys owning the place, with my kids bored stiff out of their mind at home, spurred me to take the hike. A full hour later, with kids eating their breakfast in the backseat (it was wholegrain bagels before you chastise me) we arrived ready to do some serious frosting.

Even though I knew they were used to having kids all around I was unprepared for their gentle manner with the kids. I later learned that each of them had little kids of their own which explained their total demeanour. After the kids got to roll out the cookie dough with mini rolling pins (they made both my girls day by having pink and green ones), we then got to choosing (from their enormous selection) of cookie cutters and the business of cookie cutting began. I was amazed that even my 2 year old managed well.

The girls (obviously) chose a few letters to spell out each of their names (yes both girls can spell) with cookies and then proceeded to decorated with colored sugar. I saw a wonderful tip to ensure the sugar stay stuck. There was a mini water sprayer that lightly washed the cookie before being sprinkled with sugar. Now here is the genius of it all, while waiting for the cookies to be baked the girls decorated their boxes to put it in.

What a wonderful experience to have cookies be an activity and enjoy the fruits of their labor. The cookies were amazingly tasty.  The girls loved their cookies but would share none of it. I did not care as the guys surprised me with a cookie with the Mommy Niri photo imaging.  How sweet is that?

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