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Win $10K School Charity

I was at a party recently and friends asked me what do I do with stuff I get through blogging (from attending parties/events and reviews) and I replied I give it away. When the shell-shocked look faded some understanding of the concept set in that the power to make someone happy by giving is amazing. You know what I mean? Especially if you could use the item yourself but you know someone else would appreciate it (or could do with it) much more than yourself.

Well, I am not sure about you but my bank balance is not a pretty sight these days so helping is a little tough. I am sure this is the situation with most. What I do have, as I am sure you do too, is so many ideas. Oh my ideas are not of the ilk of “world peace” (apology to any beauty queen uttering that sentiment), not that I don’t care about world peace but I am a believer in smaller steps get you there.

To me little innovations that make my life easier to deal with, is peace in my world. Know how to get that paint scribbles off my wall? Then you made my day. So what seems simple to you may help another person. You have those ideas too, right? Well what if a company like iRobot, along with Mommy Niri wants you to share that idea and give you the power to help education out? Close your eyes and imagine school kids happy with wonderful new equipment, fresh supplies etc all thanks to you and the $10,000 to make a difference.

You can become inspired by reading some of the current ideas at but be sure to go to to enter.

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