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You already read about my iRobot tour so you would have got a feel for the company behind the That’s Ingenious challenge. Then you would have read my feature on Donor’s Choose (the charity promoting education) and you could see clearly why iRobot would have chosen them to be the charity of choice. Luckily Mommy Niri was chosen as a LeadHer (one of nine) so you get to participate in the That’s Ingenious Challenge. Well that would mean that it is just the actual contest left, right?

Well here it is!


Mommy Niri, along with 8 other bloggers, will hold a contest to get the freshest ideas out of you. This is NOT a random type contest. So go ahead and enter with sillies like “me  too”, or “count me in” etc and you will have wasted your time. It is time to dust off those creativity caps. I know you are busy scuttling from tantrum to errand but this is YOUR time to be heard.


I want to know your fab idea, I really do. Think of something you probably already do and share it with everyone. Idea still locked up in your head? Free it here and who knows what a difference it can make I know what you thinking those smarty pants folks at iRobot probably expect me to build a robot out of diapers or something funky like that, right? Wrong!

This is not about iRobot! It is about YOU!

You can submit as many ideas as you like and if you think that the story ends there, you would be wrong! You get to part of the chance to win $10,000 to donate to Donors Choose. Hold on, just stop and think for a minute. Close your eyes and imagine what $10,000 can do a school. Heck imagine what $1,000 would do. All this for just sharing your idea, yes it really is that simple.

Still trying to figure what an idea can be? Know how to stop that teething pain in your baby? Devised a wonderful way for kids to stop losing buttons. You can visit the iRobot Challenge contest section for more ideas.


Hang on guys, there is more. If your idea is selected that you also get to choose an iRobot  home product. Now you may call me biased but much before this project came along I was a devoted fan of iRobot (read more about how I listed in my favorites way back in March in My Friday 5) Being the proud mama of Roomba for 4 years (I have 2) and a new mama to a fab Scooba I can highly recommend them. Now you can choose an iRobot home product if your idea wins.

Ok, so here goes. Give me your ideas, all of them (the good, bad and the craziest). This contest is so great even I will be entering it! Don’t forget to visit the iRobot microsite for the That’s Ingenious Challenge to see more details and meet all the LeadHers. Just remember you cannot enter at that site. You will need to come back here to enter the contest.

school-charityLeave your idea below. Just don’t forget to enter your correct email address when asked (not in the actual comment please).  This contest closes on September 1st so get cracking. I am waiting to hear it all. Keep reading as I will be sharing more stories on this throughout the entry period.

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  1. 1
    Pam R. says:

    My idea may be a little simplistic but I think any mommy who’s been dressed nicely and sitting during a meal with their toddler will agree that it’s a must-have that I can’t find anywhere: the mommy bib. It would consist of a sleeve and a part shirt with a collar. It could be worn on either arm to protect your nice clothes from the grubby hands that inevitably reach out to grab you when you’re wearing your Sunday best. It would be made fabrics/patterns that could coordinate with outfits as opposed to the typical kiddie fabrics that their bibs are made from. I would like to see it with a wipeable coating as well to make it easy to wipe clean to shove back in your purse or diaper bag.

  2. 2
    Mommy Niri says:

    How about a strip that is time-sensitive placed on medication so that we can see it turn color (maybe green to red) to know it is expired, some for 2 week, some 6 months etc. The pharmacist could place it depending on the drug (and he would know best).

    This would save a lot of guesswork when clearing medicine cabinets and better yet help mama find if that medication is expired when there is a howling baby in tow.

  3. 3
    Mommy Niri says:

    A breathalyzer to check the alcohol content and it fits into car, similar to a key. Before moving it expects you you breathe into in and only when clear does the car move. Of course no fool proof way to ensure someone else won’t breathe in before driving. Or the steering can detect it itself. It would prevent so many drunken driving cases.

  4. 4
    kathy mcclanahan says:

    start an email address used only for household bills to come to and discontinue using paper bills. It saves on the environment and some companies will even credit to your account for going paperless! No need to worry that you will miss a bill in your regular email this way

  5. 5
    MJ says:

    A shocking device that could determine when an adult hits a child. It would have to be able to distinguish by force somehow. Any adult who hit a child would be zapped!


  6. 6

    If you’re looking for a non-product idea, here’s a concept that I would like to share.

    When my daughter was born, I toted her everywhere. Our babies are with us constantly, right? Well, as an example, she was in my arms when I worked in the kitchen to warm up some food or whatever. So whenever we were at the microwave, I helped her point her little finger and have her ‘help’ punch in the numbers. “3 zero” I would say for 30 seconds. No matter what I did with the microwave, it involved the main set of numbers. As a result of constant exposure to it, she learned her numbers extremely early. Counting well beyond 100 and backwards down to zero in kindergarten. She’s about to start first grade and we’re already doing beginning multiplication.

    It’s not a fancy product, just an idea. But educating our children is the first step in making sure that our future is strong and our kids are smart enough to come up with the newest gadget, the newest invention, the cure for some disease.

  7. 7

    I’m not sure if this exists already or not..


    What about a built-in DVR/Tivo-type program in televisions? Something where you can store movies or shows, then easily retrieve them later.

    It would also be cool to program purchased dvds and blu-rays, so there is no need to insert a disc again.

    This would be especially wonderful for our children’s movies or shows, so we don’t have to search for lost DVDs or Blu-Rays, or worry about what they are watching on tv.

  8. 8
    Vicky Carlson says:

    A chicken and turkey grabber that is weighted down and grabs the bird to hold it underwater when you are defrosting it in cold water.

  9. 9
    Vicky Carlson says:

    denim cloth drawer pulls

  10. 10
    Vicky Carlson says:

    toe tags.. thin piece of cloth on top of the sock by the toes so that you can pull your sock off right side out without touching the dirty part of the sock.

  11. 11
    Vicky Carlson says:

    adjustable heighted massage elbows (like human elbows) you can back up into them to get where you want to poke yourself on your back and shoulder blades. It can be hung on a wall and can be adjusted to be at the height you need.

  12. 12
    Vicky Carlson says:

    treadmill shoes

    These shoes are somewhat like the slip on water shoes only they are a bit more sturdy and easy to just slip on and start walking.

  13. 13
    Vicky Carlson says:

    Password keeper Ok this looks like a calculator, small pocketbook size. You can input your passwords and usernames and keep them with you in your pocket or purse. It has a master password so that only you can view. this is better than printing them out and is handy when you are on a different computer that doesn’t have them saved for you.
    Other items do this but if you just want this one and only application, this would be nice.

  14. 14
    MJ Tam says:

    A washable strip that can be applied or dipped on any food or drink that will detect certain allergens. It would have to be washable, easy to read and carry around especially by kids. My daughter is extremely allergic to peanut and this will help alleviate our daily worries on food she consumes when we are not around to watch her.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!! I would really love an iRobot.

  15. 15
    Vickie Couturier says:

    I have a teenager,an I would love to have some sort of tracking device that goes in the cellphone to KNOW excatly if she is where she is supposed to be,you could look it up on line like you do for the cell phone usage an it would print out if you needed it too,you could have a small home based unit that would let you know if she went out of her range area,wow,I just came up with that,as a Mother of 6,5 grown an one TEENAGE GIRL still at home,I wish I had that for the others,but being a teen now is much more dangerous than it used to be,my kids range from34-17 so with todays safety issues this would be something I WOULD BUY!

  16. 16

    If roomba takes care of the cleaning and scooba takes care of the mopping, I’d like to see one that takes care of cooking!

    Like a pan that you just put all the ingredients, choose what’s it’s gonna cook from it’s menu, and that’s it! It will do all the thawing, peeling, cutting and cooking for you! You just go home to a warm, delicious, home cooked meal! Just set it, and forget it!

  17. 17
    Linda Ruiz says:


    1. *Water bottles and other items that need to be person and date identified (ala daycare & camps).
    2. *Leftovers in fridge or restaurant ‘doggie’ bags containers – you wonder when was that put in there?

    – Masking tape may or may not stick (will not stick if there is
    condensation or on a single walled stainless steel bottle).
    – Waste of tape since you have to apply a new label to a water bottle/lunch bag every day (due to date requirement).


    *A roll of static or cling ‘tape’ that you can write on with a sharpie and erase with a vinyl eraser.
    – Sharpies can be erased on smooth plastic surfaces if you use a vinyl eraser.
    – By reusing the label, you avoid running out of tape and save some landfill.
    – Should help cut down on manufacturing waste.
    – Sure some labels will be lost, but hopefully you will get at least one extra use before that happens.

    *The roll of ‘tape’ should be preforated every inch or so – but not in a way that it falls apart.*

    – The ‘sticky’ should be one that activates with a little bit of water but stays on when dry (i think one trade name for that type of adhesive is VagaBond).

  18. 18
    Cindy Thurman says:

    This is not an invention but a simple idea I thought of to use when my garbage disposal is smelling not so fresh! I sprinkle a bit of cinnamon down and around the sink drain. It makes it smell oh so fresh and really does do away with the bad odors lurking inside.

  19. 19

    My idea is one pertaining to social justice for children with special needs and difficult temperment. How many times have you try to pacify a child, toddler or infant with toys to get them not to have a tantrum in a store or out in public. Does your temperment in dealing with the child affect in any way or do the child have little or no capabilities to have behavioral control? My idea would be to come up with voice recorded instructions that say what to do when a child does x,y,z or simple flash cards with index for every possible scenio parents encounter to calm the anxiety or nerves of their out of control child.

    Secondly, it would be coded,what to do if child temper is warm, hot or super Explosive!

    (I call this a bag of Tricks)

  20. 20


    What play activity is appropriate for my child’s age or development needs (inclusive of special needs)?

    Solving this with:
    Play coach dvd or videos that show where, when and how play increases child IQ!!!!

    Also suggest toys, events or programs in a brochure that promote the best out of playtime and progress chart tracking system over age span!

  21. 21

    Ok, I have problem with snow getting in my car from my long snow boots or boots in general.

    My idea would be to make a shower cap looking throw over boot thing that covers like a flexible mesh over my tall heel boots but is washable as well or disposable in a recyle bin.

    This is crzy Yikes!

  22. 22

    I-hate keeping track of food in the refridgeration and when it should be eaten by, just another thing that really irritates me to have to remember.

    My idea would be to have a refridgerator beeper that is set with different foods in mind and their exp. dates and makes a beeper sound when near expiration

    when the date is near, just like my appointment PDA, OR software -IDK, just guessing here!!!

  23. 23

    My husband and I were just talking about this the other day.

    Our idea is a platform to stand on with wheels underneathe and a motor. It connects to the back of a stroller with hooks on the inside next to each wheel. Possibly wireless or with a wire that goes up the side of the strollers bars and a control box just one lever for forward and back and a red Stop button for emergency stopping. Of course the speed of this shouldn’t go any faster than walking or speed walking.

    My mother has problems with her legs and walking and thus can’t walk long distances. IF there was something like this to attach to the back of a stroller then she could take the baby for a walk while she rides and just pick it up and put it in the basket when she wants to walk a bit.
    Thank you for the Opportunity

  24. 24
    kathy mcclanahan says:

    A walk the dog reminder which keeps track of the last time you let the pooches out to go potty. that way you don’t question whether it was 5 minutes ago or its 5 hours ago. would be especially helpful with puppies teaching them to go outside! would make less cleaning up after them, too.

  25. 25
    kathy mcclanahan says:

    A motion sensor that lets you know in the kitchen that the pre-teen/teenager is moving around in the morning and doesn’t have to be checked on/gotten up. It could save mom’s nerves and child’s being late for school!

  26. 26
    kathy mcclanahan says:

    a set of “suspenders” that is comfortable for a dog that will keep their little shoes/socks on so when they go running in the snow they don’t get frozen feet and pads.

  27. 27
    kathy mcclanahan says:

    As I coach jr high girls basketball and they are not allowed to wear earrings during games, I wish I had a board about the size of a clipboard that was lined with velcro and had small ziplock bags attached to one side. that way the girls could easily identify their earrings, they would be in one place and not be handing them to me leaving me to keep track of what I did with them. After the game they could go to the board and retrieve them!

  28. 28
    Christina says:

    Potty Training Help!

    How about training pants that let out a beep and/ or maybe light vibration when the tots start to wet/ defecate in their pants as a reminder to get to the potty. Not like the bed wetting system but an on the go pair of trainers maybe with a pocket inside so you can take out the device to wash the pants. Nothing harsh or to scare them but to remind them to get there quick.

    Or trainers that come with a mommy beeper so it beeps or vibrates me when the accidents starts to happen.

    Can you tell we are in potty hell ;P

  29. 29
    Claudia M says:

    MY IDEA — Why doesnt somebody build- invent a Refrigerator with build in electronic – digital Shopping List ? No more Paper List on the Fridge ( what i mostly forget anyways :) ) and who want to tow around a Hendheld Device ? not me — program in a Date or Dates when you shop and a Alarm sounds off to remind you to print out your list before you go shopping — just an Idea :)

  30. 30
    Selfish Mom says:

    Last year was the first year that nobody in our house got the dreaded 24-hour stomach bug. All of the other years we all got it, usually multiple times. So what was the difference last year? I was a total drill sergeant about hand-washing. My kids had just been going through the motions with hand-washing before that, taking about five seconds start to finish! So, every time they went to the bathroom last year, I ran up there when they were done and timed them for 20 seconds of vigorous hand-rubbing.

    When I would have them do it themselves, they would only rub for five or six seconds, but swore that it had been 20. So, here’s my idea: two little analog clocks, side by side, one labeled “hands” that takes 20 seconds for one revolution, and one labeled “teeth” that takes two minutes for one revolution. That way they can easily time themselves for their bathroom tasks!

  31. 31

    My husband and I were thinking: how about a tiny cleaning product for crumbs on the kitchen counter or dining room table? It would be a small vacuum like product which won’t fall off the counter. It would have to be small, maybe 6″ in diameter… but how great would it be to wake up each morning to clean counters?

  32. 32

    I would like something to generate my weekly meal plans for me. It should use a combination of our favorite meals, new recipes, and recipes using up what’s in our pantry and freezer. Once the meal plan is generated, the grocery list comes next. Voila.

    Is it asking too much to do the shopping and put all the stuff away? Probably..

  33. 33
    Charlotte Winters says:

    This wasn’t my idea but Its still worthy of winning. founders created a summer camp for autistic kids called Camp Gonnawannagoagain. My son just went for the first time and he loved it. The photos of my son having a good time are priceless to me. They are trying to buy there own building, and also trying to open a training facilty for autistic youth& adults. If I could I’d give them $25,000 myself.

  34. 34
    clarissa neiding says:

    while shopping for tennis shoes to be left at school for gym class for my soon to be Kindergartener I noticed a big problem. The school requested velcro or zip shoes, something that could be done by the child themselves rather than tie because the teacher did not have time to tie a whole class worth of shoes when children this age can’t do it themselves.

    All the cheap shoes were all tie. Any velcro they did have out that were not name brand and expensive (who wants to leave $40 tennis shoes at school to be worn once a week and hope they don’t get lost or taken???) well, they were already pretty well bought up.

    So what I think we need is some sort of toggle type devise that can be slipped onto the shoe laces and then slip up, tightening the shoes without actually tying them. That would leave long shoe strings so they would have to be cut and the toggles woudl have to come with some sort of shoelace seal that would go on the new ends to prevent fraying.

    Thus converting tie shoes into something children could do themselves

  35. 35
    Laura Benjamin Emerson says:

    When I was growing up and still today, there are so many bullies in school. Unfortunately I was one of those children who were timid and shy so being picked on was a daily occurence. I was so ashamed that I did not have the courage to defend myself that I never reported it. I had always wished that someone could have been there to watch over me and help. My idea is to have cameras in every classroom including the hallways and cafteria. This would intimidate bullies from picking on chilren who cannot fend for themselves. The cameras would catch those who bully in the hallways, classrooms or even by their lockers. While I know this would never eliminate buyllying, it would especially be helpful for when a incident occurs and the one who is responsible says they had nothing to do with it. All that would need to be done is to bring up the video. I think it would also make teachers feel safer in their classrooms. I know it would cost a great deal of money, but when a child is intimidated they often blame themselves and it hard to go to school when you are scared to death.

  36. 36
    Janna McNeil says:

    I am currently working on a project as a fundraiser for the PTO at my daughter’s school. It is a cookbook with recipes from the school’s families and teachers. It will include a piece of artwork from the students next each recipe that is submitted. I am including the artwork to encourage the kids to contribute and to create a lasting keepsake for our families. I have also invited local businesses in the area to contribute in exchange for sponsorship. I am hoping this will become an annual tradition for the school.

  37. 37
    Janna McNeil says:

    To keep our meals planned for the week I created a set of menu cards in my recipe box using our favorite recipes. I had my daughter write out the days of the week on the side and I wrote the recipes next to each day for our evening dinner including side dishes. I made the menus by grouping meals in that week that shared common ingredients. On the back of each menu card are the items that I need to add to my shopping list to cook those meals. I do all my shopping on Saturday morning and then I am all set for the week. There is no guess work for meals and I am able to stick to my budget because I have planned the whole week at once. Also, my daughter loves to help choose which menu card we’ll use that week.

  38. 38
    Deb Carnell says:

    changing the email address as I typed it in wrong…A computer program that lets you makes lists that are interactive with games. I would like a spelling list game for my children that I can customize to change as their spelling lists change. If they are learning countries of a certain continent, let me input those names and the game generates those into a game format.

  39. 39
    Elizabeth Mitchell Hunt says:

    BRAIN TUMOR WEBCASTING – Give knowledge

    My sister lost her husband one year and one month ago. He died from Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor at 44. It was 11 months from diagnosis to his passing. Five months after he passed away my sister gave birth to their first child, a miracle named Stella Lucia.

    My idea is for them and for everyone like them and all the people who love them, worldwide.

    Two months after my sister’s husband Dan was diagnosed my brother Freddie was diagnosed with a meningioma (benign brain tumor) pressing on his optic nerve. Dan had brain surgery in August of 2007. My brother Freddie had brain surgery in October of 2007.

    In January of this year, I went back to work full-time (context explains how I got the idea) after being home with my kids for 3 years. I was immediately introduced to webcasting. Then, on the way home from work the idea burst through me.

    There should be a webcast for every brain tumor diagnosis that anyone can register to view for free, hosted by a neutral source like the National Brain Tumor Society paid for by a sponsor. After diagnosis, doctors would supply patients with an email naming the type of tumor and a link to view the webcast that a family member could share with all loved ones to pass on to the ultimately thousands (especially in the case of a teacher or young person) of people affected emotionally and otherwise by one person’s diagnosis.

    Here is why. The immediate aftermath of a diagnosis is a blinding confusing experience. The only analogy I keep coming to is that “when the bomb is dropped, everyone goes deaf.”

    When those in the concentric circles outside the point of impact learn of the hit, they scramble to find information anywhere they can all over the internet with little more than the word brain tumor as a guide. That is not enough. It creates panic and confusion and chaos and friction. Those people have no access to the diagnosing doctor. The patient and care giver are not capable at that point, no should the be further burdened to supply lots of information.

    What everyone wants is someone to tell them what it is and as far as possible what it means. They want to ask questions of an expert doctor. They then want to know what to do. All I ever heard about Dan was “it’s bad.” And, my siblings and I traded emails from different websites and stories we heard from this or that “expert.”

    With my brother I heard “it’s not cancer, he will be okay.” But he was going to have brain surgery. I wanted to know more. I wanted someone to talk to me. And yet, not for the world I have burdened my brother with my questions.

    In both cases I would have been very satisfied to watch a doctor talk directly to me about each diagnosis in a webcast. And, that is what I believe this webcast program could do.

    What a gift it would be for the patient and immediate family to view one source of vetted information, in private, in their own time, at home. How amazing would it have been for my sister, my parents and Dan’s family to be able to email an invitation to view the web cast to all their friends, family and co-workers….who could then have passed it on organically to others who expressed concern, wanted to learn more, hear truth, gain clarity and understanding.

    When I told my sister about my idea, she was thrilled. She said “you know Elizabeth, I was even thinking of looking something up the other day.” Just like her, people need to hear it more than once…whether it is while they are going through it or after. Because these things are so hard to absorb, people need to return again and again to process more. The web casts would provide this opportunity.

    Create a webcast series to help support brain tumor patients, family, friends and colleagues with an educational program that empowers through knowledge.

    Everyone impacted by a brain tumor diagnosis wants to hear a doctor talk directly to them. They want to know what kind of brain tumor it is and what it means. The webcast medium will enable that experience. It will leave all those concerned feeling as if they have the inside information.

    To serve the most people, I propose producing webcasts on many types of brain tumors and one longer webcast focused on “understanding the brain.”

    Fyi. Both my sister and her husband Dan were ESL teachers. My sister teaches in Brookline, MA. Her husband worked with international students at BU. Their daughter is now 9 months old.

  40. 40
    Meghan says:

    I would LOVE for someone to create a storage device for organizing kids’ craft supplies that can be locked with a kid’s lock.

    I need to keep the baby out (she can open containers) but let the preschooler in. Inside, we’d need shelves to hold containers of many sizes. I think the world probably has enough containers.

    EVERY parent would want one!

  41. 41
    Meghan says:

    How about a way to compost disposable diapers? You know, we’d put them out in the trash in their own bags (we sort them that way with Diaper Genies anyway!) and they’d be picked up and disposed of separately….sort of like recycling.

    We could use cornstarch bags instead of plastic ones. And the plastic on the diapers could also be made of cornstarch.

  42. 42
    Meghan says:

    How about a digital music player (better than MP3s) that doesn’t compress my music so much that I still have to have CDs?

    CDs are bad for the environment: the way they’re made, the way they’re disposed, the way they break down….

    I want the music industry to skip that step entirely.

  43. 43
    Meghan says:

    How about the government finally officially “testing” autism therapies to determine if they are effective or not?

    Right now, most families with an autistic child can’t get services covered by insurance because those services have not been deemed effective. The condition is considered chronic.

    Yet, just as we all know families with a child afflicted with this disorder, many of us know children who have improved so much they are “back off the PDD spectrum.”

    Therefore, something works!

    I’d like to finally have some standardized long-term testing done to support the claims.

  44. 44
    Meghan says:

    How about a series of books, videos, and flash cards that teach kids the concepts of: who, what, why, and how.

    These could be geared to kids on the PDD spectrum as they have trouble with these concepts.

  45. 45
    Ruth Miller says:

    i would love it if some one (maybe me ) would sew velcro on to the bottom edge of the sock so the two socks would stick to one another, that way you will beable to wash and not lose socks.. they can even be color coded to family memebers mom gets pink dad gets blue little johnny gets red ect ect..

  46. 46
    MJ says:

    I’d love a no fail pencil grip for my kindergarten students. They still manage to hold it wrong, It would have to include a way to keep those last 2 fingers immobile!


  47. 47
    Meghan says:

    Oops – I wasn’t clear re: my storage device. I didn’t mean I need containers. I meant I need a piece of furniture to store said containers in. The containers help me be organized but I need the containers in a cabinet or armoire that’s kid-friendly and would look good in a play/kid’s room…or a version for a living/dining room. But it’s furniture that I’m suggesting we need.

  48. 48
    Sonia Gupta says:

    How about a automatic recipe maker. We all know that our freezers are full and our pantry can be overflowing as well. I would love to be able to have a program that is intergrated in my fridge that tells me what I have in there and creates a healthy recipe plan for the entire week! Takes the thought out of planning, cuts down on grocery bills, and eliminates wastefulness since you are using stuff you already have.

  49. 49
    Mommy Niri says:

    Would it not be great for Moms to have a teething necklace? Kids put mom’s necklace in their mouth anyway, so would be great for one to be made of something safe for babies to bite on!

  50. 50
    Jennifer M says:

    I made my daughter a “chemistry set” with vinegar,lemon juice, and baking soda in small, plastic, closable containers, plus bigger ones for mixing. She loves to play “scientist” in her bath, and it’s all great for her sensitive skin. Then as the tub drains, I swish around the residue and rinse…and it’s sparkling clean!

  51. 51
    Diane says:

    I have an idea for pets. This has been an ongoing thought of mine since I have had a pet while living here in Sunny So Cal. With the temps flaring up every year during summer, and without central air conditioning we usually just give our dog a bath and provide plenty of water and shade. But with the heat going up over 100 degrees on the hottest summer days, it just doesn’t seem to be enough.

    I would like a product developed for dogs, like a cooling vest. Either made of special material that would help keep them cool – lots of technology out there, I believe it can be done!

  52. 52
    Amy JVetere says:

    I use a spray bottle with vinegar and water to clean EVERYTHING! It works better than commercial chemical cleaners, the kids can help clean too because I know they won’t be harmed!

  53. 53
    Sarah Mitchell says:

    As I sit here typing away on my new wireless keyboard, which is in my lap, I struggle to get the correct angle and stability. How about a keyboard holder made of pliable material such as memory foam or even buckwheat shells. It would be angled so that the keyboard would slant as if on legs.You attach it to the bottom of your keyboard, get all comfy and mold your keyboard onto your lap in the perfect position for hours of surfing fun. Or has that been done already?

  54. 54
    Sita says:

    The idea I have is for a key board (pc) that is for specail needs children. The keyboard should also have diffrent textures for each letter. Besides learning to use the computer they also have kind of sensory therapy.

  55. 55
    Sonia Gupta says:

    Just thought of another one. A dog toy to feed and water my dog. It would have automatic timer and sensor to feed/water him when needed. Make it easier to manage him and take that task of my list…on that note, how about a automatic dog walker?!

  56. 56
    Ramesh says:

    A small recording device that a parent can put in the kids school bag or put it as a necklace. The device will record all the objectionable experiences of the day as the kid stays in day-care or school and parents have no clue as to what environment the kid is exposed to. The objectionable experiences could be defined as 1) profane language 2) smoking within 10 feet 3) wet diaper beyond 10 minutes 4) child being hit or abused 5) child under no supervision etc.

  57. 57
    Ramesh says:

    automatic depositing of money the moment an adult starts earning money up to a an age limit (maybe 50), into a special account called – “baby expenses account.” Whenever the adult has his or her new baby, the money can be withdrawn from the special account “baby expenses account,” upto a certain max per year based on a formula, e.g. 10K in the 1st yr, 15K in the 2nd yr etc.
    If the adult decides not to have any baby they can get the money back at the age of 50 – just like a 401K plan.

  58. 58
    Maricris says:

    I would love it if there was some sort of an automated device or gadget that acts as a toilet bowl cleaner that would do the cleaning for me. Or maybe one that would clean the walls of my shower stall and the tub! Anything to make my life easier especially the cleaning part!

  59. 59
    Ramesh says:

    Tantrum Monitor – A device that has artificial intelligence built into it so that it can be customized to each child. The parents or care-taker can use this device to find out how to deal with the child at a particular moment when the child is throwing a tantrum or what song to sing for the child etc.

  60. 60
    Ramesh says:

    Special Clothing – A material that can be used to build kids clothing so that it does not stain or get wet. Based on kids demand or wishes the clothing can change its color or design pattern. If the child wants RED color, the clothing can be changed to RED with a touch of a button etc.

  61. 61
    Ramesh says:

    Toy Box – A special storage box that can automatically sort out all the toys and parts. As a result there won’t be any missing parts to a puzzle or a lego.

  62. 62
    Mommy Niri says:

    Voice activated car unlocker and or starter! This would help when your hands are full of groceries or kids. And also if you are in a rush and can’t find your keys. Or even if you are in trouble and need to escape if being attacked.

  63. 63
    Ramesh says:

    The regular Doctors and Pediatricians have been less than helpful in diagnosing children with special needs – in some cases. Parents need some informational help with a list of local options that they can avail to. The sooner they get help for the child the better it is. Can there be an information data bank that parents can get quick access to and not have to wait for years for help.

  64. 64
    Mommy Niri says:

    Sheets or quilt that is temperature adjusting so it helps cool or warm based on keeping a predefined temperature.

  65. 65
    Ramesh says:

    Alternate Wallets – Instead of thick wallets that are stuck on the rear all day long – even when you are sitting on a chair or driving, can there be something more ergonomic? The alternate wallet can still carry your cash and cards but it can be easily be hooked onto the front pocket.

  66. 66
    louise werre says:

    My idea is to invent items that would be practical for the hospitals. If anyone has ever rode on–or had a family member ride on a gurney they would all say, ” If I survived the trip to the hospital, I will make it”–then they now how rough a ride it was. Why not have shock absorbers on each of the wheels, or on the 4 legs of the cart??

  67. 67

    This is great content! I love helping people. I love donating to support many people in need.

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