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You already read about my iRobot tour so you would have got a feel for the company behind the That’s Ingenious challenge. Then you would have read my feature on Donor’s Choose (the charity promoting education) and you could see clearly why iRobot would have chosen them to be the charity of choice. Luckily Mommy Niri was chosen as a LeadHer (one of nine) so you get to participate in the That’s Ingenious Challenge. Well that would mean that it is just the actual contest left, right?

Well here it is!


Mommy Niri, along with 8 other bloggers, will hold a contest to get the freshest ideas out of you. This is NOT a random type contest. So go ahead and enter with sillies like “me  too”, or “count me in” etc and you will have wasted your time. It is time to dust off those creativity caps. I know you are busy scuttling from tantrum to errand but this is YOUR time to be heard.


I want to know your fab idea, I really do. Think of something you probably already do and share it with everyone. Idea still locked up in your head? Free it here and who knows what a difference it can make I know what you thinking those smarty pants folks at iRobot probably expect me to build a robot out of diapers or something funky like that, right? Wrong!

This is not about iRobot! It is about YOU!

You can submit as many ideas as you like and if you think that the story ends there, you would be wrong! You get to part of the chance to win $10,000 to donate to Donors Choose. Hold on, just stop and think for a minute. Close your eyes and imagine what $10,000 can do a school. Heck imagine what $1,000 would do. All this for just sharing your idea, yes it really is that simple.

Still trying to figure what an idea can be? Know how to stop that teething pain in your baby? Devised a wonderful way for kids to stop losing buttons. You can visit the iRobot Challenge contest section for more ideas.


Hang on guys, there is more. If your idea is selected that you also get to choose an iRobot  home product. Now you may call me biased but much before this project came along I was a devoted fan of iRobot (read more about how I listed in my favorites way back in March in My Friday 5) Being the proud mama of Roomba for 4 years (I have 2) and a new mama to a fab Scooba I can highly recommend them. Now you can choose an iRobot home product if your idea wins.

Ok, so here goes. Give me your ideas, all of them (the good, bad and the craziest). This contest is so great even I will be entering it! Don’t forget to visit the iRobot microsite for the That’s Ingenious Challenge to see more details and meet all the LeadHers. Just remember you cannot enter at that site. You will need to come back here to enter the contest.

school-charityLeave your idea below. Just don’t forget to enter your correct email address when asked (not in the actual comment please).  This contest closes on September 1st so get cracking. I am waiting to hear it all. Keep reading as I will be sharing more stories on this throughout the entry period.

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