Snazl Stories: What You Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask!

PARENTING | | August 18, 2009 at 11:52 am


So we had a lot of fun and I had many questions after the show. Here are a few:

Ooooh I missed your show, can I watch a copy of it?

Actually the show per-se is not live just the actual chat that is liev and uploads around it. So you can watch it anytime YOU want.

Do I need a login for SnazL?

Only if you want to join the chat. To watch you don’t need one. But I am wondering why would anyone not want a login, this way I know you are there and you are eligible to win prizes. Plus seriously I want you to make this your party too.

I guess I need to pay for the logon or it is difficult to register, right?

No way! Easy peasy, trust me and @snazl and @mommynir (on twitter can help) but you won’t need it. And it is F-R-E-E

So I really can upload videos and pictures to your show?

Ahem, it is our show, and totally and before you ask if it is difficult no. If I can do it so can you (and I know I am an ex-software engineer but that hurts not helps).

Can I host my own show sometime?

You betcha, and not only that there are sweet prizes for it like iTouch, trip to New York.

What if I want to host your show?

I would totally love that. You can grab the embed code anytime or just ask me. Simple as pie!

Where do I watch the show?

Several places including and

So when will Mommy Niri be on?

Every Wednesday at 9:00pm EST. Be there. Tuck those kiddos in bed and get ready to P-A-R-T-Y!

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