Size Does Matter!

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I just needed a new laptop, the older one had a battery so fried that I was practically married to the outlet. People stared at me unbelievably, like I was an idiot, and asked why don’t I just buy one. Well I am one of those people who analyze the value first. I did not mind getting a new battery but was not so sure that something else would pack up. Anyway the relationship lasted a while and I was tired of being tied to my wall so when choosing a new laptop we looked at the Dell mini. (I am sure you read Mommy Niri’s tid-bits for Choosing Digital Camera and My Battles with Camera Battery.)

Dell was already a favorite in my home and we figured now was no time to be experimenting. Plus with the cost of $300 to boot it was a no brainer. Unfortunately hubby clicked on “BUY” a little too fast and gave NO consideration to an important feature: color. So while they had several sporting colors, I would have loved pink (would maybe allow him to borrow it less, – or maybe not), I appreciated that in their small little way Dell were allowing us to express our sense of style. Can you believe he had no idea what color he had randomly picked? Yeah, neither can I.

Anyway I wound up with white, and I can live with it and maybe one day the color may grow on me. Anyway truth be told when I saw the size of this little baby, I fell in love. ¬†Finally I was going to be the cool girl with the small laptop. Then I got to working, and working on it. Oh, man where should I start.. The keyboard. I had just gotten used to the regular keyboard, now with the new placement of the edge keys I am typing “don,t” instead of “don’t” and where is that “Delete” key?

Even when I have finally made peace with the (cramped) keyboard, the amount of scrolling due to the small screen size made me feel pretty cross-eyed.  Sure my wrists are sore with all the typing but at least my shoulder was really happy at not having to lug around a heavy laptop. I think the Dell mini is one of the sexiest laptops, but it is great for shorter stints. My 2c is if you need to work really long hours, the workstation might be the way to go.

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