Is It Halloween Yet?

PRODUCTS, REVIEWS | | August 26, 2009 at 10:06 pm


Recently I saw an opportunity to review some costumes and I was taken aback, it was August. I normally have no concept of what day it is but was I really that out of touch? Flashbacks to last year and I recall how the good costumes get taken. Anyway I managed to get a wonderful witch costume (part of their Simply Spooky line) from the Princess Time Toys online store (you can also check out their blog for some great ideas).

The costume was black, purple, a touch of orange and had trimings in green so already I knew my 4 year old would be deliriously giddy since that was her favorite color. I truthfully hate shopping for Halloween costumes as I have been pretty disappointed with many aspects previously.

When did wearing a costume become something comparable with dressing like a tramp? I mean do what you want with adult costumes but with kid’s costumes at least show some decency. Call me a prude but I would love my preschooler to look cute, not sexy.  The fit of the Witch costume was generous yet still very child-like. I was thrilled to see something that brought freshness yet innocence to a costume.

The other aspect that was annoying and made me frown spending money was the awful quality of run of the mill costumes. Yes I have come across a few good ones but those came with a hefty price tag and the softer ones were targetted for babies. The stitching which would fall apart in the washing and the scratchy fabric are things you never have to worry about with Princess Time costumes.  I knew just by looking at the quality that this outfit would survive the rambuncious acts of my girl. So even when Halloween is long gone, I can forsee her donning this pretty little dress for a long time after.

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