Hasbro Has Toys That Even Siblings Can Share!

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About a month ago (yes I am a little behind) I received a package from Hasbro with a variety of toys targeted at my toddler/preschooler age. Toys are always fun for the kids but also interesting when you are reviewing them as to how closely you watch how your kids interact with them. Of a more interesting angle is when you have 2 children pretty close in age (mine are 22 months apart) to see how they cope with playing together.

The guys at Hasbro were wonderful to send me a few toys, namely the My Little Pony newborn cuties little Rainbow Dash’s Playroom Playset, Baby Alive Better Now Baby (and thoughtfully 2 since no girl wants to share her doll), Clipo Hippo! I was curious whether the younger toys would hold the interest of my older girl and whether the older toys would leave my younger kiddo out of her depth.

Well here is what I found.


My Little Pony newborn cuties little Rainbow Dash’s Playroom Playset

  • This is tantamount to a “doll-house” and the playacting that goes with it.
  • The shared play is fine as long as the favorite pieced in question don’t become a contention for squabbles. No guarantee that they may not become later.
  • The little pieces may be slightly tough for younger hands to maneuver but then again this is clearly marked age 3 and above. My older daughter loved the little pieces and liked carrying them around in her pocket.
  • The little dino ride on toy is fun to be played with separate with the little pony, more likely comparable to a baby on a stroller.
  • The caring and nurturing portrayals definitely help the kids understand and hone in these emotions.


Baby Alive Better Now Baby

  • Apparently I have learned that a girl (or boy) can never have too many dolls.
  • We already have plenty of dolls and a pretend medical set but having these as a set is really a great idea.
  • No batteries make this a great find (financially and also easy on mama’s ears/nerves).
  • The concept of the Baby Alive allows you to use some accessories from other versions, like the diapers.
  • Did I mention the wonderful diapers make a wonderful training aid to a potty training child.? Thankfully my 2 and 4 year old are way past potty training but the concept of this baby wetting her diaper still thrills them.
  • The practice of playing doctor to a sick baby can help with a child visiting the doctor, especially if a child has to make many of those visits.
  • The thermometer is retractable so it appears to be in the baby’s mouth.
  • The medicine spoon has medicine that “disappears” when placed in baby’s mouth.
  • The cup and bottle that comes with can be filled with water and then the baby wets the diaper.
  • Of the 3 toys reviewed this was my favorite for the fact that it has so many uses.

clipo-hippoClipo Hippo

  • I looked at this toy with a “Lego” eye.
  • It did not disappoint with the building and creating quality. Though by looking at it you might doubt the stacking ability it certainly works well.
  • I love that it has a place in the Hippo belly to store all of the pieces, great for travel
  • The fact that the mouth does not automatically close while taking out pieces is a great feature for a toddler struggling to remove pieces.
  • I wish that there was room for growth as in more boxes of pieces that could be bought as an addon.
  • The soft material makes it great for a teething child, I am no way suggesting that you give it to babes to chew on but we know they chew on everything so luckily this is softer and flexible material.
  • I was skeptical that it could hold my 4 year old’s interest but hold it, it most certainly did. She played with it in a slightly different was than her 2 year old sister but she enjoyed building. Again I wish there were more pieces.
  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I could step on these (well not on purpose obviously) and not get hurt. Ask any mama who has stepped on Legos in her life and she will confess to evil thoughts.

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    Tatia says:

    They haven’t made one yet, but Hasbro is releasing a line of Sid the Science Kid toys soimemte this fall. Hopefully, this will be one of the toys they make. My son is obsessed with this show and has been asking for a microphone!References :

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