Friday 5: 5 Things That Make Me Smile!

FRIDAY 5 | | August 14, 2009 at 7:39 am

starbucks chai

As part of my Friday 5 series, Mommy Niri is trying to be early this week and sipping a Starbucks Chai, in Starbucks no less, and dishing out this week’s dose.

  1. Sipping a Starbucks Chai Latte, allows me to ignore the whining happening in the backseat between the girls. Did I mention the girls are strapped (nice and tight) in their seats. If I could just get that glass panel, that cop cars have, in between life would be perfect!
  2. Not hearing a peep out of my kids and am confident they are up to no good but check in on them and find them reading or involved in some quiet play. Yes, I have had enough discoveries of my curious brats fiddling through my stuff to be justifiably (very) suspicious
  3. I wake up all groggy in the morning not too happy about starting the impending day after (another) late night blogging, and find kids still asleep and hubby dearest has made the perfect chai. This one is of course as rare as a blue moon, not the chai made (I knew being married to you had its perks, but was wondering lately)  but my kids still sleeping.
  4. Seeing my kids sleep together. My husband and I have co-slept with the kids always (save the lecture) and I am pretty uncomfortable with any one of them sleeping alone in a room. So now that we have moved them to the same room, they seem to do better in the same bed. Nothing like seeing your (younger) child draped all over her (older) sister. More importantly, I get my bed back.
  5. People telling me they read (or like) . Sound corny to you? Well it is the truth, I tell you. For the past 4 years leaving it all to become a SAHM – Stay At Home Mom and have people (still) ask me when I am going to get a (real) job or if I am still enjoying my hobby, it is nice to be finally getting some attention.  Yeah baby, I love blogging!

What makes you smile?

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