Back To School: Win Play-Doh, Burger Builder System

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Congratulations Betty N

Play Doh is a staple in my home, in fact it is one of my favorite items I carry in my bag, the others are crayons and aquadoodles.  Truth is I have toyed with several variations and cheaper knock-offs of Play-Doh but the scent and quality of their inferior cousins convinced me to not even bother. When I heard about the new contest asking children and parents to create favorite foods using Paly-Doh and submit the pictures of it, I thought what a great concept and decided to share. I mean we already do this at home, as I am sure many homes across America as well, but now we get to win a prize for it. The grand prize winner of the READY, GO PLAY-DOH $10,000 CREATION CONTEST will receive a $5,000 playroom makeover as well as a $5,000 “Doh-nation” to their child’s school. Some great news is September 16th is National Play-Doh Day? and Mommy Niri can help the celebratiion get on the road>

Since creative play is an active part of a child’s life Play-Doh has created the new Play-Doh Burger Maker, which we were lucky enough to receive to try out. We were excited to get started except for one little detail, my girls had never eaten a burger in their life. Being vegetarian it was not a common thing in their diet (though I was privvy to to vegetarian burgers)   Well we got going and the realistic imprints of the lettuce and tomatoes were enough to get my little  ones curious.   What I liked about this Burger Builder was that it was easy for the girls to assemble the pieces themselves. Oodles of fun left the girls tired and hungry.

I chanced making a (real) vegetarian burger and offered it to my 4 year old and those play-doh burgers must have whet her appetite because it was the first time she ate a burger.

Want to win the Play-Doh, Burger Builder System?

So to help you get invigorated to enter that $5K contest how about a contraption of your own? Mommy Niri always thinks of her readers and if offering  her readers a chance to own one of these Play-Doh Burger Builder system, which by the way only gets released in September (who says Mommy Niri is not ahead of the game?) The contest closes on the September 12th, 2009. The winner will be chosen by

Share your experiences about your favorite crafts (”count me in” type comments will not count). Make sure that you enter the correct contact details. To earn extra entries, after you have left a comment, do one of the following, but make sure you leave a separate comment entry for each extra thing you do. This gives you additional ways to win the contest:

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  1. 1
    rachel burke says:

    i love to teach bible school we use a lot of beads and paint

  2. 2
    rachel burke says:


  3. 3
    ky2here says:

    We love to silk screen.

  4. 4
    ky2here says:

    Following on twitter.

  5. 5
    ky2here says:

    Tweet sent as ky2here.

  6. 6
    Erin Mize says:

    I have a little toddler sister
    who JUST learned how to play “hide and go seek”
    “duck-duck goose” etc.
    She thinks it’s SO funny when the whole family joins~
    we’re all being silly and fun together!!
    Honestly, it’s my favorite activity
    to do with her and the family.

  7. 7
    Erin says:

    My favorite crafts involve play dough. My son and I make various things and let them dry out so he can display them on his dresser.

  8. 8
    Erin says:

    I am a fan on facebook, Erin Langmaid Charpentier

  9. 9
    Erin says:

    I subscribe

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    Erin says:

    I follow your blog on face book

  11. 11
    amy warren says:

    i used to love to make potholders, and now my girls are starting to love it, too!

  12. 12
    amy warren says:

    i subscribe.

  13. 13
    Lisa says:

    My 5 yr old daughter and I love to play with play-doh. She has the hair shop, animal shapes and flower garden. This would be a great addition, she loves cheeseburgers.

  14. 14
    susan varney says:

    we are teaching our grandson who is two how to play tag

  15. 15
    Janna McNeil says:

    Our favorite crafts include recycled items. We like to think up new ways to use stuff that others view as trash.

  16. 16
    Janna McNeil says:

    I am a fan on facebook.

  17. 17
    Janna McNeil says:

    I am subscribed to your blog.

  18. 18
    Carol says:

    I love stitchery, I do what’s called Crewel, and I started taking knitting classes. With my kids, we like to do painting on rainy days.

  19. 19
    Carol says:


    and I follow on Twitter cdziuba

  20. 20
    Carol says:

    Mommy Niri Facebook Fan Carol P Dziuba

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    Carol says:

    Follow Mommy Niri’s blog on facebook Carol P Dziuba

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    Carol says:


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    Carol says:


  24. 24
    Abby says:

    My girls and I love to do beading projects. We just discovered candy beads from Girls Gourmet where they can make their own candy necklaces!

  25. 25
    shelly says:

    Love to do playdoh and paint with my 4 year old

  26. 26
  27. 27
    Amy K says:

    I’m a facebook fan!

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  30. 30
    shelly says:

    facebook fan

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    shelly says:

    follow networked blogs

  32. 32
  33. 33
    Pam R. says:

    We really enjoy painting and/or fingerpainting in our house. We regularly set up the easel on the driveway and let my son paint away -makes clean-up a breeze!

  34. 34
    Pam R. says:

    facebook fan

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    Pam R. says:

    following your blog on facebook

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    Pam R. says:


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    Pam R. says:


  38. 38
    Michelle Draveski says:

    we love the messy stuff
    Finger prints!

  39. 39
    Natalia D. says:

    I follow

  40. 40
    Natalia D. says:

    Moon sand is my son’s favorite! Play dough too! He could play with it hours!

  41. 41
    Shelley Mitchell says:

    My nephew 3 just started playing with playdoh and loves it. He is always making us food with it. He would absolutely love this!!

  42. 42
    evelyn matias says:

    looks like so much fun

  43. 43
    marge mckoen says:

    ny grandkids would love the burger set

  44. 44
    Monique Rizzo says:

    My daughter loves painting right now. She has an easel she uses everyday. Thanks for the chance.

  45. 45
    Betty N says:

    I love to do crafts with my grandchildren. A current favorite is sand art…and with my four year old: Play Doh

  46. 46
    Betty N says:

    I joined your facebook fan page

  47. 47
    Betty N says:

    I am subscribed to Mommy Niri

  48. 48
    Betty N says:

    I follow you on Twitter (Grandma3710) and tweeted the contest here:

  49. 49
    Betty N says:

    I have your button on my sidebar

  50. 50
    kristi blackstone says:

    I have an online boutique for my crafts, haha, so it’s a huge hobby of mine! I love scrapbooking, sewing, painting, pretty much everything!

  51. 51
    Jessica says:

    Facebook follower. :)

  52. 52
    Jessica says:

    Twitter Follower too (Unemployed_Mom).

  53. 53
    Jessica says:

    I have so many wonderful memories of Play-Doh (actually, my mom used to make it for me and I’d get to help). I used to love mixing the food coloring to create my special color! I am excited to introduce REAL Play-Doh to my son (he’s only 16 months right now and I know it would go straight into his mouth…so I am waiting). :)

  54. 54
    Kelly Ann T. says:

    I love to make crafts for our dog rescue fundraising event. I use sculpty clay to make dog related zipper pulls, beads, and pins.

  55. 55
    Melissa Barnes says:

    I love crafts of all kinds, I used to play with play doh all the time growing up as well as finger paints and shrinky dinks. I love to crochet, scrapbook, make holiday glass ornaments. You name I have at least tried it, my daughter is following in my love for crafts as well, I couldnt be happier!!!

  56. 56
    Melissa Barnes says:

    facebook fan as melissa barnes

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    Melissa Barnes says:

    follow on facebook network blogs as melissa barnes

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    Melissa Barnes says:

    email subscriber

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    Melissa Barnes says:

    follow on twitter as lovinmykiddos and tweeted

  60. 60
  61. 61
    Erica C. says:

    We’ve started making necklaces with strange beads!

  62. 62
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Is it Halloween yet/

  63. 63
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Wickedly Great Way to Make Cookies

  64. 64
    Betty N says:

    Meet Angela Santomero, Creator of SuperWhy

  65. 65
    Betty N says:

    I commented on That’s Ingenious: the iRobot Tour

  66. 66
    Betty N says:

    I commented on A Behind the Scenes look at Peapod

  67. 67
    Betty N says:

    GPS Finally a way to get men to ask for directions

  68. 68
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Frecklebox brings class to Personalized Books

  69. 69
    Terra Heck says:

    My kids and I enjoy making ornaments for the tree during the holidays. We also enjoy taking time out and sitting down at the kitchen table to scrapbook our photos.

  70. 70
    Terra Heck says:

    email subscriber

  71. 71
    Terra Heck says:

    I follow your blog.

  72. 72
    Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    Doing crafts and art is so much fun since it really gets us all together and I get to see what they come up with. I’ve saved so much of their art for them to look back on when they are older.

  73. 73
    Rosey says:

    I went through a stint where I liked to make homemade photo albums, then I went through a scrapbooking phase. My kids and I experiment now, with all kinds of crafts. Highlights magazine is great for always offering a very doable, and neat project each magazine.

    Thank you.

  74. 74
    Shilo Beedy says:

    My kids enjoyed taking broken crayons and making them into bigger multi colored crayons.

  75. 75
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Alliance Against Childhood Obesity

  76. 76
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Balance B, Nutritious Kid’s Snack Bar

  77. 77
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Getting Kids to Eat Veggies

  78. 78
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Hasbro Has Toys that even Siblings can Share

  79. 79
    Susan C says:

    I have recently started experimenting with altered books. I am picking up old books with cool covers and illustrations and making new books with them. I haven’t completed one yet, but it’s fun!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  80. 80
    Kim H. says:

    Our favorite crafts are the simple ones. We do love to play with play doh, but we’ve never had anything like a builder. We use cookie cutters.

    Another craft we love to do is take empty crystal light containers and using glue decopage tissue paper on them to make pencil holders, paint brush holders etc.

  81. 81
    Linda says:

    My grandson loves to cut and paste and make his own greeting cards to send to relatives and friends.

  82. 82
    Karen says:

    My kids like to make paper snowflakes. They also like to cut photos out of magazines and make collages.

  83. 83
    Christine says:

    We love to use Crayons and markers to color and make art all the time. I have some of my son’s favorites on the wall at my office! Thanks for the chance!

  84. 84
    Christine says:

    I am a facebook fan – Christine Wember

  85. 85
    Christine says:

    I follow on FB networked blogs = Christine Wember

  86. 86
    Christine says:

    I am an email subscriber

  87. 87
  88. 88
    Anne Taylor says:

    My favourite crafts would include embroidery, sewing, drawing, making Christmas ornaments etc.

    This would be wonderful for any of my grandchildren


  89. 89
    Anne Taylor says:

    Facebook Fan

    Anne Taylor or annectaylor1

    (in Canada)

  90. 90
    Anne Taylor says:

    Follow your blog on Facebook

    Anne Taylor or annectaylor1

    (in Canada)

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    Anne Taylor says:


    (in Canada)

  92. 92
    Anne Taylor says:

    Follow you on Twitter (greeeneyedwhwom)


    (in Canada)

  93. 93
    brenna says:

    Crafts were always my favorite thing to do at school (macaroni + glue and sparkles = happy day for my younger self). I love play doh to this day. I’d love to have an excuse to smell that wonderful scent again! Thanks for the great opportunity!

  94. 94
  95. 95

    My children and I love to play with Play-Doh! Thank you for the contest! We also enjoy creating designs with Perler Beads, painting with watercolors, and making collages with pictures from old magazines.


  96. 96
    AB Smith says:

    my sons love to draw with markers! we have buckets of them everywhere somehow

    thanks for sponsoring this.


  97. 97
  98. 98
    AB Smith says:

    Following Mommy Niri’s blog on facebook

  99. 99
  100. 100
    AB Smith says:

    am a subscriber!

  101. 101
    Laura Klawitter says:

    I love scrapbooking! As for with the kiddos, I had a blast finger painting.

    What a great giveaway!

  102. 102
    Laura Klawitter says:

    I am a Facebook Fan! (Laura Klawitter)

  103. 103
    Annette says:

    The kids and I like to string beads and make necklaces.

  104. 104
    fauziwong says:

    this good and nice info… thanks

  105. 105
    Jennifer M says:

    We collect scrap fabric, and use it to cover all sorts of bottles, boxes, etc. that come our way.

  106. 106
    Leann S says:

    I make my own playdough with flour, salt, water, cream of tartar and vegetable oil. It stays fresh forever and comes right out of the carpet.

  107. 107
  108. 108
    Sonya says:

    We love doing all sorts of crafts, but Playdoh is a favorite!

  109. 109
    kamani says:

    Playdough is always a great activity for the kids and you do not have to leave the home to keep the kids engaged

  110. 110
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Interview: Meet Charlene, A Single Mom

  111. 111
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Reading to Your Baby yet?

  112. 112
    Betty N says:

    I commented on Reading for all seasons.

  113. 113
    Heather M says:

    I Love Cross Stitch and Latch hook!!

  114. 114
    Heather M says:

    Follow your blog

  115. 115
    denyse says:

    My favorite crafts are edible crafts.

  116. 116
    Aubrey says:

    I love making cards.

  117. 117
    Erma says:

    I love quilting. It is so relaxing.

  118. 118
    Diane Baum says:

    My favorite craft is making greeting cards.

  119. 119
    Melanie says:

    I dabble with different crafts.
    Right now, Im making felt pencil cases!

  120. 120
    Jennifer says:

    enter me

  121. 121
    Cristi says:

    I am a stay at home mom since my husband deployed overseas. My 2yr old daughter and I are always looking for fun things to keep us busy!

  122. 122
    Bambi M says:

    Hubby and I are both big crafters, and we’re looking forward to trying different crafts with our little one to see what she likes! We both bead and whittle, he also paints and scrapbooks. We both love spending quiet time together just stringing beads and making things!

  123. 123
    Bambi M says:

    I’m an email subscriber!

    Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  124. 124
    Kerrie Mayans says:

    I love rubber stamping. My kids love to help me make birthday cards for their friends with my stamps.

  125. 125
    Kerrie Mayans says:

    I follow you on twitter and I tweeted

  126. 126
    Deb K says:

    My favorite craft to do with the grandchildren is Making cards~as they have such a imagination and they turn out so Cute!

    Thanks for the chance :)

  127. 127
    Ellie W says:

    I’m not a very crafty person but I do enjoy making holiday decorations. My mom used to do it with me and I always did it with my children. This year I plan on doing it with my grand kids.

  128. 128
    Deb K says:

    I Follow Mommy Niri’s blog on facebook

    Deb S

  129. 129
    Deb K says:

    I subscribe

  130. 130
  131. 131
    Amanda S. says:

    I love to sew and crochet, but my kids love to do paper crafts! They’re always gluing, stapling, drawing, etc. with paper. :)

  132. 132
    Missy says:

    my kids and I have art day on sundays and one of our favorite crafts is when make homemade playdoh, they LOVE creating their own colors, and usually end up mixing it with their storebought playdoh…lol

  133. 133
    Miranda Allen says:

    me and the kids love play doh

  134. 134
    brooke says:

    oo my favorite crafts with the kids is using play-doh to make animals or using left over pieces of materials to make new artwork… glue, scraps of materials, and crayons equals hours of fun and crafts

  135. 135
    gloria says:

    My favorite crafts are making scrapbooks of my kids and decorating pine cones.

  136. 136
    gloria says:

    facebook fan/gloria mckellar

  137. 137
    gloria says:

    follow your blog on facebook

  138. 138
    gloria says:

    subscribe to email

  139. 139
  140. 140
  141. 141

    My favorite craft is crocheting. My daughter and I work together to make blankets for the holidays.

  142. 142

    Facebook fan: heather french (The Mom Union)

  143. 143

    email newsletter subscriber: dontaskme22(at)yahoo(dot)com

  144. 144
  145. 145

    button’s on sidebar:

    *** I want to follow your blog, but I don’t see Google Friends on your blog.***

  146. 146
    Maggie M says:

    We love to paint. I save boxes and my kids go crazy paining the outside, inside, and themselves.

  147. 147
    Chrysa says:

    Making small things like ornaments is always fun.

  148. 148
    Chrysa says:

    I’m a Facebook fan.

  149. 149
    Chrysa says:

    I’m a follower!

  150. 150
  151. 151
    Jammie says:

    My favorite craft was making my daughters pinata. It turned out so nice but a day before the party I noticed the mice got it I was so upset.

  152. 152
    Jammie says:

    I am a facebook fan Jammie Morey

  153. 153
  154. 154
  155. 155
    Heather says:

    My girls and I like making pictures from things we find around the house, old hair bows, cereal that dropped on the floor, brightly colored magazine pages ect. all get cut up and arranged into works of art!

  156. 156
    Heather says:

    I follow your facebook

  157. 157
    Paula Harmon says:

    I LOVE to crosstitch. I also do bead knitting, making little amulet purses. I learned from my mom who was always doing a craft when I was growing up, everything from stained glass to basketweaving. She’s done it all!

  158. 158
    Sandy M says:

    I am a Facebook fan already. Saundra McKenzie

  159. 159
    Sandy M says:

    I follow your blog on Facebook.

  160. 160
    Sandy M says:

    I already subscribe to Mommy Niri!

  161. 161
    Sandy M says:

    I follow you on Twitter as lmsmeemaw and tweeted –

  162. 162
    Tricia Andrews says:

    My daughter and I love to make bird feeders in the winter out of used toilet paper rolls, or paper towel rolls. We smear peanut butter on them and then roll them in birdseed. We string them up outside and watch our feathered friends eat. It’s a nice way to help the birds out and connect with my daughter.

  163. 163
    Tricia Andrews says:

    I am a Facebook fan!
    Tricia Gatte Andrews

  164. 164

    My favorite crafts are making hairbows with my daughter, they normally don’t turn out all that pretty, but it’s fun making them!

  165. 165

    I’m a fan on facebook! Sheila H.

  166. 166

    I follow you on networked blogs on facebook! Shiela H.

  167. 167

    I subscribe via email!

  168. 168
  169. 169
    Sherri B. says:

    Our crafts involve anything that has to be painted. The kids love to paint things so whatever we make has to be painted. Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  170. 170
    christina singer says:

    our favorite craft has always been clay ornaments. we make them for Christmas and just for fun. I must have 100 little clay animals on strings in my kitchen. it’s messy, creative, and the fruits of our labor make great little gifts.

  171. 171
    Gianna says:

    When I was younger my favorite crafts involved either cross stitch or plastic canvas.

  172. 172
    kathy p says:

    we love making christmas ornaments with strofoam balls and glitter

  173. 173
    kathy p says:

    fan on facebook kathylpease

  174. 174
  175. 175
    Stacey says:

    My sons like to make macaroni letters to spell their names. Easy and educational! They love play-dough too!

  176. 176
    DanV says:

    Right now our favorite crafts are making things for the fall with leaves and pumpkins and apples

  177. 177
    Renee Weiner says:

    favorite craft:
    We like painting clothes and shoes with fabric paint.

  178. 178
    Rhonda Clemens says:

    I remember as a child me and my sisters would make decorations for the well known holidays and hang them up at our house and our grandparents houses as well. I remember using cotton balls, popcorn seeds, buttons,strings, yarn, paper, cardboard, glitter, stickers, cereal, pretty much whatever we found useful around the house….it was really fun!
    Thansks for the great giveaway!

  179. 179
    Donna K says:

    We like to scrapbook.

  180. 180
    Donna K says:

    I joined Mommy Niri Facebook Fan Page

  181. 181
    Donna K says:

    I follow Mommy Niri’s blog on facebook

  182. 182
  183. 183
  184. 184
    Janet says:

    I like 2 make sparkle balls for christmas presents:)

  185. 185
    dawn says:

    Our favorite crafts are painting wooden cut-outs to make chimes, decorations, etc.

  186. 186
    Candie L says:

    I love making the ginger bread houses with the kids. Thank you

  187. 187
    Sand says:

    I love painting and cross stitch.

  188. 188
    tim says:

    my favorite crafts would be anything that had to do with woodworking and then painting the finished project.

  189. 189
    barrie says:

    cake decorating is my craft of choice.

  190. 190
    barrie says:

    follow you on twitter tukibird22

  191. 191
  192. 192
    Rajee says:

    Our crafts involve anything that has to be painted. The kids love to paint things so whatever we make has to be painted

  193. 193
  194. 194
  195. 195
    Rajee says:

    have ur button

  196. 196
    Rajee says:

    follow u on twitter and tweeted @momsfocus

  197. 197
  198. 198
    Lily Kwan says:

    I enjoy scrapbooking.

  199. 199
    Lily Kwan says:

    I joined your Facebook fan page under the name Lily Kwan/likwan.

  200. 200
    Lily Kwan says:

    I follow your Facebook blog under the name Lily Kwan/likwan.