A Visit To The Ford Assembly Plant! Tales Of Sync, MyKey, Parking Assist And The Ford Taurus 2010!

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Not only was Mommy Niri headed to Chicago to BlogHer but she was also getting there a whole day ahead since she was invited with a team of bloggers to visit the Ford Assembly plant. To prepare Mommy Niri asked her readers What Women Want(ed) in cars. I was excited but intrigued when told to wear long pants and closed shoes, though I would have done so I began to wonder what adventures were in store for me.

Though I had already started the night before seeing the doll of Scott Monty, Head of social media at Ford Motor Company, and hearing many Ford tales I was anxious to get to bed (my first night without the kiddos) and start with a super early breakfast with Scott Monty himself. Then we headed to the Ford Assembly plant in Chicago to get a closer look.

Some of the features that were a highlight for me:

Opening the trunk from the inside.

Although this is not a highly advertised, or even sought after feature for most, I consider this a brilliant feature. From personal experience of a friend involved in a hijack in South Africa (I know, I lead a colorful life, right?) and someone who was locked in a trunk this is amazing. I would say more but watch the video as to how it works. My blogger buddy from Mummy Deals was kind enough to oblige me for the video.

Parking Assist

I suck at parallel parking.  Having my husband beside me when I do park has its perks (he sometimes gets out to navigate) to its pains (giving patient directions is not his strong suit). I was pretty suspicious of this feature as I had heard so much, as I am sure you have too. Well I got to actually use this feature, and all I can say is freaky but cool. Let me give you a quick run down as to how it works (no, not the in-depth mechanics but just how you would use it). You first align yourself next to the car that would be in front of you once you park, and press the parking assist. Then reverse slowly until you hear a beep. After that you let go of the steering and only use the brake to move slowly. You will see the steering swivel and it may feel weird but don’t grab on it as it will turn off the parking assist. The beep will ring as you start nearing the back vehicle and will get faster and louder at which point you stop and put the car into gear to go forward and let go the break gently. All this time do not touch the steering wheel. Again the beep will sound as you get near the from vehicle and you should stoop after it become faster and louder.

The blindspot

This is so handy. How often have you been exiting from a parking spot to not see a car (or cars) coming from both sides? The car beeps to let you know that it there is something in your blindspot. This also happens while you drive. The beep is slight and non annoying since while you are driving there is often something in your blindspot and you don’t care about it unless you need to change lanes.


With this you have a master key (with no limitations) and a MyKey which is a key, when used in the car, will limit the speed and also the radio volume. Both are essential when you have teenage drivers in the home. Moms of teens will still worry but at least this should make for a safer drive. I wished they had a speed limit of lower than 80mph maximum since that feels a tad high but apparently this is because this is the maximum speed in some states (apparently not mine or I would not have had that $200 speeding fine) but hopefully in future models they will have an option to specify the speed maximum limit. Neat feature though.


SYNC gives you hands-free control of your mobile phone, MP3 player, GPS navigation, traffic reports and directions. This allows you to have one control and ensures that you keep your hands on the wheel.

Capless Fuel tank

Just super convenient

Massaging Seats

I totally loved this. Imagine being massaged while sitting in traffic or while listening to the most annoying whining? It can make even the most irritating squabbling coming out of the back seats disappear. I had the pleasure of trying this. Not only did they have a back massage but one on the seat bottom too. You can see a picture of the massaging seats in the slideshow below at the end or watch the video here for what happens under the covers to make the seat work like that.

An additional note is that they have heating system for seats which I personally think is a total waste. How often have your seats felt too cold? Yes, I could understand a cooling thing, but a heating option?

We saw so much more than I can get into: eco friendly materials for panels, child safely features for car seats, etc. The assembly plant itself was a treat and awe-inspiring. When we were safety equiiped with correct apparel we walked through the entire plant right until the finished product. I was happy to see so many woman working the physical aspects of the plant. Ending the day with driving around next years (2010) models was just apt.

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