The BlogHer Hangover!

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It seemed months away, and that gave me hope to get into shape, but somehow the time flew and so did those dieting hopes. I tried in the last few days to not get caught up in the whole hysteria. I packed very little and prided myself on taking it easy.  I had already registered for all the parties and did not bother sweeping the conference agenda very finely, as I would figure it while there. I regretted not being more active on twitter weeks before, instead plugging away post after post and just dropping the one liners in twitter. I knew my lack of passion spent with with the chit chat would easily make me an outsider, but I was in my 30s for heaven’s sake and did not care. People could care to see me for me, right?

You have to realize that other than the one night to deliver my second baby I have never been away from home so this was a big (and scary m0ment) for me. What better opportunity than to be with 1500 women to help get my mind off my babies?

What I loved about BlogHer?

  • The ability to dress anyhow and be yourself.
  • The excitement of being part of a group by virtue of being a blogger
  • The food, especially the lunch, which catered to the vegetarian in me.
  • Providing booths to “recycle” swag.
  • The smooth organization and planning at some of the parties.
  • The ability to pamper us, especially moms who don’t easily have access (and funds) to that type of pampering.
  • The ability to draw sponsors of alarming qualities and quantities.
  • The free wifi arranged for BlogHer!
  • Managing to meet many of my twitter friends.
  • Hearing someone say “I read your blog!”
  • Meeting so many amazingly powerful, yet down to earth, people.
  • The opportunity to have wonderful experiences that I may never have otherwise.
  • The ability to hang in the lobby and bond with everyone much better.
  • Deepening some of my online relationships was a wonderful experience and it felt great to have the quieter moments.
  • The cocktails! They were the most fabulous things, don’t worry I am a cheap date (as in just one drink is enough to make my head swim) but after 4 years of being pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing (and sometimes both) I was ready for some concoction to move along!

What I didn’t?

  • The amount of private parties making it sound it be embarrassed to admit being invited or not (unless you are shamelessly gloating).
  • The greedy display of swag hunger.
  • The rude attitude of some party hosts, apparently under the delusion that they owned the earth or at least BlogHer.
  • Having to buy water, I caved in a bought a big bottle but it was something I made last right until the last day.
  • The lack of notices as to what party was held where (board signage).
  • BlogHer hosts/hostesses to help navigate your way around.
  • That I forgot to take pictures. I wanted to just relax but I simply got caught up in the moment and do wish I took more pictures.
  • Following lines. I skipped all the celebrity lines. I am not into following lines if I can skip it.It means I am not a Disney/Six Flags frequenter as I believe life is too precious to be spent waiting for something. It also meant I tried to avoid parties that seemed like you had to be the first 100 or something to get something, just not the stress I needed.
  • The fact that I stayed off-site at the Hyatt which I got on priceline for $60. A wonderful hotel but a schlep to  wander to and from.
  • Missing to hook up with so many of the twitter friends.
  • Feeling like a dinosaur  with my old non-iPhone phone and my crappy camera!
  • Having many of the sessions very basic, meant I opted out so I could network.
  • The celebrity status being given to some top bloggers. Maybe it is just a phase or maybe it has actually gone to their head. But when you introduce yourself and they realize that you’re a “nobody in bloggy world” they start scanning the area for better pickings.
  • The way some private dinners with clients are allotted to (top) bloggers who have never put out a post on them and while the rest of us has.
  • The schwag and the wastage thereof. Seriously the thought of all that paper and plastic makes me ill. I just gave away most of the stuff since the cost of shipping did not justify paying the shipping (or baggage at the airport).

Will I be there next year? You betcha! New York BlogHer’10 here I come!

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