That’s Ingenious: The iRobot (Makers of Roomba & Scooba) Tour!



I was away on the long July 4th weekend (yes the same weekend I got my 1st speeding ticket for $200) I was thrilled to get an twitter message that the company has been trying to get hold of me for an iRobot blogging event. Truth be told, I listened to nothing of the finer details as I trusted that anything this company did would be in keeping with its tradition of super smart meets functional. iRobot for those who do not know are the makers of Roomba and several other robotic devices. I own 2 Roombas and they have been a part of my life for 4 years. So I expected this to be some marketing event.

After a wonderful night of dinner together, We joined over breakfast and I got to mingle with 8 other bloggers and this was a big highlight for Mommy Niri. Getting to meet fellow bloggers and twitter friends is an event on its own. Nothing is “just so” at iRobot, even the bathroom impressed me with a separate dedicated room for nursing moms – complete with a wash sink, armchairs, fridge and pictures of babies on the wall. The pictures bit was to me the ultimate in sensitivity as I personally know there is absolutely nothing more difficult in waiting for your milk to come as you pump in a corporate setting , or any).

Then we got to tour the facilities. We saw robots from home care (vacuuming, washing, pool cleaners and gutter cleaners) and their several evolutions along the years. The entertainment portion where they collaborated with Hasbro to make a robotic baby was impressive but also freaky (Chucky anyone?). What made me tear was the story of how these robots are sent into wor to search for land mines especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. One such story was deeply touching to all about a soldier, who had named his robot “Scooby Doo” and after his robot was “killed” in the line of duty, and how he collected the pieces crying and asked to please fix his friend. These robots save lives (now this is not your Roomba so don’t try anything funny with it).

After the tour we joined for a make-up session with a top make-up artist straight from Newbury Street in Boston, who helped prep us for our photoshoot. Then we got the scoop on the campaign. Ready for it? The 9 mom bloggers would hold a contest to win an iRobot home  product for you and $10,000 (you read that correctly, that is a lot of 0’s) for a school of choice through DonorsChoose. I know what you are thinking that we are going to make this a tough contest (with the thoughts of robotics swimming in your mind, who  could blame you) but I promise this is one contest everyone can enter.

More about the project and charity project later. Watch this blog!

More stories at iRobot
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