TBS Brings Family Nights With The Bill Engvall Show

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TBS is aiming at bringing Saturday night back to the old family night by having family sitcom The Bill Engvall Show be part of the summer viewing. I am a big fan of sitcoms, while my husband not so. He can’t wrap his head around the automatic laughter while I need that dose of sitcom material to relax. Truth is I have not been keeping up with many (read any) sitcoms of late. There are 2 reasons to this, one being my (adult) social life could use a kickstart and second being that the contents of many shows leave a lot to be desired.

Thanks to TBS I was able to watch an advance screening of The Bill Engvall Show’s episodes “Give Me A Break” and “You decide” . Both these episodes poke fun at issues which have a hint of truth in them regarding issues affecting families. One being the penny pinching that goes with a tight economy and the other being “who wears the pants in the home”.

So watch The Bill Engvall this Saturday July 18th on TBS at 9:00pm and let’s start reclaiming family Saturday night.

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