Preschool And The Sibling Separation

PARENTING | | July 14, 2009 at 9:54 pm


Siblings! They fight! Constantly! Over everything! Anyone who has more than child most likely suffers the same fate. No matter how you yell out “Share!”, “Who had it first?”, “Wait your turn!” or “Give it back!” it is practically useless as you have to repeat the same thing a little while later. When you receive a toy as a gift for one child you cringe knowing that all hell will break loose later. You try (very hard) to make everything equal and look exactly the same and even then you wait for the storm to unfold.

You seem convinced that your children will never be friends and you try not to roll your eyes when some mom gloats about how her children love each other (as if).  Then comes the time for your child to attend preschool and you think the time apart would serve them well and maybe peace will reign supreme.

Then you see your younger child run, with just one shoe on, to try to catch up to her older sister who is already being hurried to the car, grabbing a few bites of that breakfast. The younger child cries “Wait, don’t go!” and tries hard to keep up but those little limbs can’t go any faster and anyway it is hard to see where you are going with tears streaming down your face.

Your heart shatters a million pieces but you feel relieved to find out that that yes, there is sibling love in your home.

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