GPS: Finally A Way To Get Men To Ask For Directions!

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Well to not wreak a barrage of insults hurled at me for that somewhat sexist title, maybe I should say “Finally a way to get my husband to ask for directions.” I have wanted a GPS for ages and always was rebuked about it by hubby dearest for the cost and need. I could go on and list all the times we were lost either for the lack of clear directions or being snarled at for being the “bad map reader” while he elected to drive, but the list would be too long and my marriage would be too short.

Needless to say I stared lustily at each car as they pulled up next to me at the red traffic light. It seemed everyone had one, except me. There was always something more important than a GPS purchase. I was determined and after collecting enough gift cards on I made the plunge. Armed with my research (obtained from reviews and specifications) I knew what I was getting was a little on the lower end but a good value. I had already conferred with a neighbor friend about his so I had even more confirmation. Well I made the purchase and hubby pretended not to notice it.

I think he was starting to act like he did not need it. Before he could utter a word I assured him our (dwindling) savings were not touched but I could see he was concerned about something else. I wondered if he felt I was questioning his navigational skills armed with his several (hundred) pages of printouts. I was, but I decided not to say a word. A few events came and went as I casually punched out address after address, and he still displayed no enthusiasm. I gushed over how much time we saved with it and how as a mom driving with two (bratty) kids in the backseat it was a lifesaver, but he still did not seem impressed.

He quietly took it all in and I started to feel that he really did not care. Until one day we were going in opposite directions and he asked me if he could use the GPS in his car. I said “No!”

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