Friday 5: 5 Potty Tips That Worked For Mommy Niri!

FRIDAY 5 | | July 3, 2009 at 8:54 pm


Having taken a trip to New Jersey from Boston over the July 4th weekend with my 2 and 4 year old has had many a potty break. After the 23rd potty break it got me thinking that this would be a perfect addition to my weekly Friday 5 Series.  My girls know how to wrangle with my patience by wanting to hit each and every restroom. Yes, I did say “girls”, both the girls are fully potty trained (night trained too) but before you hurl anything at me remember that every mom deals with her share of issues, and Mommy Niri is not immune to them too.

I thought I would share what worked for me. No guarantees that it will work for you so please no diaper flinging but I figured before I totally forget what the diaper days were like, it would be better to spill the beans.

  • Show them how. Monkey see, monkey do.  If kids don’t see you going to the bathroom they are not just going to learn that by just talking. Squeemish are you about letting your lil angel see the darker side of Mommy, then I suggest a dvd called “Potty Power” . This is little bit of treasure I would attribute the biggest success too. The visuals of seeing kids go to the potty (all done tastefully, trust me) and making it sound like it is just the next step to be a “big kid” is totally inspiring. My kids still sing (a bit too loudly) “Proud to wear my underwear!”
  • Bells and whistles are not for the Potty! I know that there are several potty chairs out there that have flushing tunes, songs etc on the potty chair. That is freaky to me and scary to some kids. I suggest the Baby Bjorn potty chair with the removable seat. Even though the girls are all potty trained we carry it in the car for long rides, and times when you really don’t want your pretty little angel sitting in a portable loo or a restroom at a gas station.
  • Don’t make it more difficult than it has to be. Clothing wise, skip jeans and pretty dresses that may get in the way when you really have to go. It is not the kiddo’s fault if he has an accident while trying to pry open some nasty fastener on his pants.
  • Make it pretty. To you they may just be underpants but to your kid it is a statement so allow them to choose the underwear and while you are in the store grab a big bunch because trust me you are going to need them.
  • Skip the pull-ups! When our pediatrician said that I ignored her out of paranoia and you are welcome to ignore me too. But your wallet may thank this bit of advice because you already know those diapers cost an arm and a leg. It just confuses the heck out the kid, thinking so you want me to go in my “diaper”. Yes there will be accidents but they may last a shorter time if they have the sensation of something running down their legs. Going out? I still declare use an underwear and carry spare clothes etc. No turning back once you start. I had to not use pull-ups, event though I tried as they are more reassuring to a mom, as my kids thought I was putting them back in diapers.

Hey it is potty training and you can’t force the issue. You can but it would leave one frustrated mama and one obstinate kid. Resign yourself to finding the best carpet cleaner and just ignore the puddles (or heaven forbid anything more substantial) and think of all the money you will be saving. Yup, time to celebrate will soon be here.

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