Friday 5: 5 Things Mommy Niri Won’t Be Doing This Friday

EVENTS, FRIDAY 5 | | July 24, 2009 at 11:21 am

To ensure the tradition of Mommy Niri’s Friday 5 continues, I am providing this week’s dose from the windy city Chicago. You would already know what I am doing here if you have been following my blog, but just incase you are new (welcome) I am attending the BlogHer conference in Chicago. There are many things I will be getting up to: makeovers, massages, manicures and oh yeah attending the actual conference, but a few things I won’t be doing. Here they are:

I won’t be saying “Just one more bite honey and you can have that candy bar” (yeah, I bribe so there). But what a relief not to have to beg my kids to eat!

I won’t be reheating my chai! The microwave has been my best buddy these past 4 years and I am glad to see our relationship take a break. Oh, I am sure we will take off where I left off when I return (and hopefully there are no hard feelings as I would hate to see it go kaput on me), but it will be nice to be served rather than to serve for a change.

I won’t be subjected to any bouts of Dora, Super Why, CUrious George, Caillou or Sid The Science Kid.
No siree, I won’t even have to deal with the whining that fills are the gaps in between. Ahhh, With over 2000 women (bloggers) chattering while being pampered makes forĀ  wonderful listening.

I won’t be interrupted during my shower with some catastrophe that needed that precise moment that I turn the water on to erupt.
Somehow my rule to the kids that “Unless you see blood don’t call me” never works.

I won’t be needed to kiss a booboo all better and be a supermom.
As much as I am annoyed to be called to service a gazillion times, the look on my children’s face when I remove the cares of the world or some imaginary monster makes me feel like I have a purpose in this world.

This hase been my first time away from home (unless you count the one night with me giving birth to my 2nd baby) so I am glad to have strength and support of all, especially my sweetheart husband holding the fort back home. So honey here is a special message for you “Get you chai out the microwave and enjoy it or you just may have to reheat it… again! Love you!”

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