Friday 5: 5 Signs Of Second Child Syndrome!

FRIDAY 5 | | July 31, 2009 at 9:24 pm


Just watching how my children interact with each other is an education for me. Although I wait in anticipation for those moments of affection I hate to admit that they are peppered with far too many squabbles. Siblings are surely something else. With many of my friends having their second babies memories came flooding back to me. Of course having my younger one turn 2 this year also fueled the flames as my older child was barely 2 when my younger daughter was born.

Whenever I hear my mommy friends, with just one kid in tow, say things like “What should I do she will only eat yogurt.” I can’t help but smile and think “Yup, you obviously have 1 kid.”

Anyway as part of Mommy Niri’s Friday 5 series, here are some signs of having more than one kid in your home:

  1. You have very few pictures of the second child. Come on, admit it! For the 1st kid their is a gazillion pictures, and this is all just in the first few days, while you “forget” to capture so many moments of the second kid.
  2. Food is something they eat, or don’t! While you waited with bated breath earlier for your little one to take a morsel of food and get even more excited if it does not come back up, you barely blink if your subsequent born refuses to eat.
  3. Toys and clothing brings a new meaning to reduce, reuse and recycle. Somehow you look at items that have longer durability, especially if you have 2 kids and more so of the same sex.
  4. Language gets inherited from the older sibling. As much as I was impressed with my little darling’s fluency with sentences I was a tad embarrassed that they were of the ilk “Share!” or “Wait your turn!” and even “I had it first!”.
  5. Bribery gets on the increase, while tolerance on the decrease. Getting one kid in sync is hard enough, try two. Naps, meals and potty visits make for harrowing tales.

The one thing I do love about my kids having siblings is their ability to entertain each other, even if it is for 5 minutes before it turns to a screaming match.

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