Friday 5: 5 Reasons I Love My GPS!

FRIDAY 5 | | July 17, 2009 at 9:41 pm


I know you already read my older post “GPS: Finally A Way For Men To Ask For Directions!” , but I have to tell you why I absolutely love my GPS and what better time than my weekly Friday 5 series.

  1. I am reducing my carbon footprint. Not only am I saving all those trees by not having to print all those directions, my car is a little less messier too. Ok, I still have loads of other trash in my car, but this at least makes a great start to a tidier car.
  2. I save time. Now I don’t have to search for directions online (although I love, flexibility on the go it does not provide) or print them (and severalĀ  hundreds of variations too). Also no traffic or detour will stop me getting to my destination. I am now pretty used to hearing “recalculating” after I venture off course.
  3. I can find food and fuel, fast! Pretty neat that I can search for these and so much more (and I have one of the most basic GPS’s so I am sure you have oodles on yours you can boast about). When you have a kid who says “Gotta go mama, now!” you will find the true value of a GPS in itself to find a potty.. fast!
  4. I have the strength to city drive. City driving always gets my tummy in knots and add to that 2 little kids in the backseat and I am a basket case waiting to snap at the slightest case of “Mama I dropped my toy, can you pick it up?”
  5. My marriage does not have to be tested with directions anymore. With enough opportunities as parents to test the limits of marriage (and sanity) driving should not be another reason to bicker. There is something about navigating one while while drives aimlessly lost to make for a pretty stressful (and blame-ful) ride!

Thank you GPS for being my travel buddy! Have you hugged your GPS lately?

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