Friday 5: 5 Positive Things About Boston’s Awful Rainy Weather!

FRIDAY 5 | | July 10, 2009 at 8:05 pm


Boston is not known for charm of its weather, except maybe fall where people flock to see the leaves change color. I won’t argue that the sight is worth the trekking to Boston, but come winter we are are so bogged with snow. I always moan that Boston is the last to know of Summer and the first to know of Winter. Maybe my moaning and groaning is partly due to the fact that I grew up in a totally tropical place called Durban, in South Africa, where even the sea is warm.

Well it seems this year has made all other years pale in comparison as it is mid July and we are still awaiting the real summer. Being pelted with rain for days on end has made everyone, and their aunt, crabby. It is starting to look like a monsoon out here. Well this time I am going to try and look on the positive side of this ghastly weather. “Is there a positive side?”, you say. Of course there always is. Here is this week’s contribution to Mommy Niri’s Friday 5 Series.

  • We don’t need the air conditioner! Can you believe how much I am saving both in money by not using it and in energy (this is the energy my darling uses to lug our window a/c unit upstairs from the basement)?
  • I can still use Winter clothes in Summer! If you know me and my tales of Mount Laundry you will know it is a monumental task just folding the laundry. Changing season is something I don’t do well with. The situation is partly amplified by most of my clothing never fitting just right but that is a whole other post (or maybe several other posts). The point is while the weather is bad the warmer clothing is getting more use out of it, and I may never have to break out the Summer clothing.
  • We never had to water the lawn in weeks! We normally are not the best with watering the lawn, added to the fact that there are so many water restrictions every year. Speaking of which a neighboring town still had the gall to put a water restriction sign in this weather. Anyway thanks to the rain, our lawn has never looked better.
  • My kids can get to bed earlier! The only thing I love about Winter is that it gets dark earlier (well normally I prefer the sun but my perspective is slight skewed since having kids) so that means it is easier for the kids to go to bed earlier. Just to help things along I have blackout blinds and blackout curtains. Sound drastic to you? Well, how do you think all the blogging at Mommy Niri happens?
  • I am thankful we don’t live in Seattle (and have to deal with a heavier and longer dose of rainy weather).  Firstly before I lose my best friend from Seattle, I just want to say I am dissing the weather and not you honey! But seriously as much as I (normally) complain about the weather I have come to appreciate that we (sometimes) have decent weather.

All things said and done I still want to sing  “Rain, rain go away!”

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