A Behind The Scenes Look At Peapod!

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A few weeks ago I was invited to take a behind the scenes look at Peapod, and if you are wondering what took me so long to blog about it, I suggest you read the several posts just before this one. If you don’t know who Peapod is, they are the delivery service to grocery stores like Stop And Shop and Giant. I expected to just see a warehouse of groceries and had no idea what the tour would entail.

I will try to describe to the best of my knowledge (and memory) to give you some idea to the complexity involved.  When you place an order to be shipped a “shopper assistant” is assigned to you. This “shopper assistant” armed with an strapped hand scanner which also carries your list.  Mommy Niri got to follow the “shopper assistant” to see how she went through aisles to pick up groceries for the shopper. The aisles are somewhat similar to what you would see at a grocery store except with a few changes like there are no fancy advertising signs, the aisles are narrower,  the layout is based on weight (heavier items at the end) and efficient to ensure speed. The selection is somewhat less than expected at a regular store but not drastically so.

A few more interesting tit bits is the frozen ice packs are shipped with the groceries to ensure the cold chain in not broken. The delivery trucks are visible from a console and if there is any change to the schedule the customer is immediately notified and has a choice as to whether to agree to the new schedule or not. Things like allergies and item substitutions are also handled adequately. Since the warehouse is above an actual grocery store, there is no need to keep huge quantities of items since if they run out they can be obtained from the grocery store itself.

It is obvious that shopping online saves time and allows you to control your budget. I don’t even need to go over how wonderful it would be to not have to juggle a shopping cart full of groceries while dealing with 2 (unwilling) kids in tow. The added benefit of reducing impulse shopping is another great reason to shop online. My favorite reason is when you are on holiday somewhere and to get them to deliver groceries to that address. Especially with kids it would be a real welcome treat.

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    Cathie F. says:

    I found this very interesting. I am now a grandmother who has her grandchildren living with her for a bit (while mom gets back on her feet) and I do all the shopping for my husband and I , my daughter in law and grandchildren. I’m not well and sometimes these trips are more stressful and painful then I’d like so this might be something for me to look more into

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    Lil says:

    You mention Peapod can help with budgeting, but I find that their prices are more expensive (over and above the $7 delivery fee) and that they accept fewer coupons. Many of the Stop -n- Shop coupons are not redeemable at Peapod which I find very disappointing.

    I didn’t find this piece to be particularly objective.


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    Mommy Niri says:

    Hi Lil, Thanks for reading and more importantly for writing. The prices online are exactly the same as in the store. This I have confirmed with the department itself while on the tour.

    The budgeting aspect I spoke of was curbing how we spend. How often do you go into a store to buy one item and end up with several more. When you can see the total tallying while you shop online you become aware and the shopping a little more controlled.

    Yes, agreed, $7 delivery fee sounds steep, yet for those who are unable to shop easily it is a feature worth investing. Also considering saving your own, gas, effort and time I still feel it is worth an expense.

    I also suggest you read the fanpage for Mommy Niri to see what users of the service found


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    Mommy Niri says:

    BTW I also checked about the coupons which they assured me would be accepted. You would need to give them to the driver to be reconciled with your account.

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    Jill says:

    I have looked into Peapod in the past, and just can’t justify the cost at this time.

    However, I am happy to hear they are getting more lenient about accepting coupons.

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    Betty N says:

    This sounds like a service that could fulfill several needs: when mommy is recuperating from something; older people who no longer drive and would have to pay Taxi fares–it would be cheaper to order online and have it delivered; a GC to there would be a great present for a new mom as the household adjusts to the needs of a new baby…these are just a few I thought of.

  7. 7

    Thank you, that sounds pretty straightforward. Hopefully this one will help me out a bunch. Thanks for this. You have so many kinds of topics to your blog.

    Jason Zenteno

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    mother of two says:

    i find the produce is not nearly as good as when i pick out items myself, berries are often half rotten, and bananas to green

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