To The Father Of My Girls!

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I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) and I blog. My darling husband is not fond of expensive gifts and our budget can’t quite afford it so I decided to surprise him with writing a Father’s Day post on him. Knowing my hubby he may just be a tad embarrassed by this gesture, but I am hoping he overcomes it enough to like it.

So to the man who is the father of my two girls:

I just wanted to say when you step out the door early in the wee hours of the morning, I may not always see you off but I totally appreciate when you do the little things for me, my favorites are making me chai and emptying the dishwasher (my readers can read more on this titbit in my Friday 5 post on 5 Household Chores I Absolutely Hate). Even though when you call it sounds like the kids choose that exact moment to have a catastrophe or screaming attack, I try to think of interesting things to tell you so as to prolong the conversation.

Sometimes when you sound worried or rushed, panic sweeps through my body as to what is wrong. We have had our share of bad news so my heart skips a beat as I wait until you reassure me later. I never utter a word about my fears as I never want to give you reasons to worry if there were none.

When you call to say you are on your way, it still amazes me how excited I get to hear you will be home soon. Yes it is partly to know that you will immediately share the workload as you step into the door, but I think some of it is because we had a long distance relationship for so long that waiting in anticipation became a part of our relationship.

When you arrive home I try to hold back the jealousy at the ease with which you slip into the beloved  papa role (my readers would have read from my “When Papa Gets Home” post) as I get busy about the household routine. Sometimes I bite back my irritation at your practicality and laid back approach to everything, especially since I am the total opposite. But then something happens to pull me down, and when I feel  all broken,  you magically appear and I remember why we are perfect for each other.

Happy Father’s Day, honey!

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