Retrevo + Twitter = Finding Out Whether That Technology Bargain Is Truly A Bargain!

PRODUCTS | | June 24, 2009 at 11:53 am


While speaking with the folks at Retrevo (a company dedicated to matching people with electronics) on their upcoming launch of a product suite assisting the consumer make technology decisions, I learned of their new twitter application just launched. The moment I hear twitter anything my ears perks up, especially with me being a twitter fan (read addict). While hearing all the details I could barely focus as I was already imagining so many possibilities of this amazing feature.

Imagine you are in Best Buy (or any store for that matter) standing in front of what looks like an amazing bargain. A camera you have been eyeing going a big (and quick “sale”. You stand there rooted to the ground, transfixed as to whether you should buy or leave. What if it is the deal of the century? What if it is a dud of a sale? What if you make a mistake walking out on the great deal? What if you snag the camera only to find it at a better price tomorrow (elsewhere or at the same store)? What if it is the best price but for a camera that is really not the best time to buy the camera as it is soon to be an obsolete model?

Enter RetrevoQ! Along with Twitter you can tweet the product make and model to RetrevoQ, then check your @replies. Here is an example below

@RetrevoQ Nikon D60

and the display (after clicking on your @replies or @username)

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