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You may have read my earlier post on Retrevo and Twitter providing answers while on the go, so you should know by now that Retrevo is dedicated to helping you find the correct technology. The trouble with online stores of a particular brand, is just that, they only feature a particular brand. Yes there are a few places online you have several brands featured but the mountain of information can leave the faintest of heart scrambling and even Mommy Niri , backed by a dozen years of software engineering, is daunted by the monumentous task.

It is the reason I never shop in big department stores. Sure, I would (eventually) find (what I hope to be) a bargain but the effort used leaves me feeling pretty jaded. Retrevo uses simple questions to scale down the volume. Questions that are pretty easy to understand and practical. You all would have known about my recent camera dilemas (and if you don’t feel free to read And Then There was Camera #3 and 5 Camera Features Mommy Niri does not need) Truth be told I am considering eating my words on the last post there and consider moving the SLR Route.


So off I trounce to Retrevo’s website and lo-and-behold they have the SLR easy to get to, then I am thinking whether I can afford it (yup, you can call me cheapie all you want but I accept there will be a camera #4 in my near future and I would hope there will not be a camera #5 too soon after)! Well without feeling I am getting something too much from the bottom of the barrel, I can see a visual of price and value. The condensed information should not fool you into thinking that there is no more to offer. Deeper drilling into features or information you care about allows you to have detailed analysis.

I am highly simplifying the features that this site provides. I could tell you that they have reviews, links to where you can buy them, access to manuals, expert opinions etc but really I would rather you take a look. Be sure to let me know what you think.


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