Organic Candy That You Have Been Waiting For

HEALTH | | June 1, 2009 at 6:19 pm

sourberry_subI can make a strawberry milkshake at home with just 4 ingredients – strawberries, sugar, milk and a touch of vanilla. Now, why does the same milkshake from a fast food place contains 59 ingredients and no real strawberry. Isn’t that amazing (rather scary)? That is why it is refreshing to see that Surf  Sweets come out with real candy – free of artificial colors and sweeteners.

Artifical Colors – Is it a big deal?
Not until, I got the sample  pack from Surf Sweets. Candies are mommies best friends (read Confessions of Mommy Niri) and that is why I was shocked to learn how artificial colors and preservatives can harm children (increased hyperactivity and decreased attention span) as almost all the candies contain them.

Having read the fast food nation, nothing surprises me anymore. I have cut down regular candies for my kids. My 4 year old has learned to read FDC colors on food packages and knows which candies and chips to avoid. I personally know many others who are doing the same.

Organic Candy
Surf Sweets are one of the only candies made without corn syrup. Its an organic candy loaded with vitamin C and fruit juice. The candies come in several flavors that are also catered for pure vegetarians and vegans.

Ahh …  finally, an organic candy, we have been waiting for. Looking for SurfSweets at a store near you? Shop Online or use the store locator to find which Whole Foods and Toy R Us among other stores carry the candies.

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