Mommy Shower Part 2: The Celebration!

EVENTS, PARENTING | | June 28, 2009 at 8:52 pm


This is the 2nd part in the Mommy Shower series. I hope you read all about our wonderful sponsors in the previous post. I decided to make the event as stress free as possible. It was held early so there were no kid sleeping or nap issues, and also to allow everyone to have afternoons free. I also thought allowing kids and hubbies (so they could take care of kids) to the party but move to the basement playroom. This ensured moms who were nursing etc to have their kiddos close on hand. We ate (thank you Stop and Shop for the food), we laughed, we bonded.


As everyone delved into their bag of goodies, and were totally thrilled to be pampered.  It was great to hear what my guests loved about Mommy Niri (music to my ears)

Then we raffled of more prizes to add to the already bulging bags. After their tummies and bags were full to the brim the mommies had some messages to deliver.

So please take these wise mommies advice and don’t forget to Vote for Mommy Niri for the Nickelodeon Parent’s Pick Award.

I may have been limited to 10 moms in my home but I am always loyal to my readers. Make sure you read Part 3: It’s your turn to win a foot spa.

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