Mommy Shower Part 1: The Sponsors!

EVENTS | | June 28, 2009 at 8:51 pm


When I was asked by the lovely folks at BSM Media if I wanted to host a Suave Mommy Shower I gleefully said yes. I attend so many kiddie birthdays in a year (and I am not kidding, I attend over 20 or 30 in a year) so I have seen a fair share of the goody bags, but none for mommy. You get kind of used to the fact of having the kids be the center of attention for so long that you forget to shower yourself with goodies. I was given the opportunity to host 10 moms over and this was really difficult since I have a lot of friends, but I agreed as I figured it would be nice to have a smaller group (to make up for all my friends missing on my party held today I am hosting an extra special contest to win a Foot Spa so you won’t miss out in the fun).

Since I barely get to bestow treats on moms I figured how about I approach a few companies I worked with to see if they were interested. Little did I know that everyone loves moms and every company jumped at the opportunity to bring a sparkle to her eyes.  I began to feel giddy like it was my own birthday as I prepared for the big day in question.


A little about the sponsor behind the idea of the Mommy Shower. Suave Skin has teamed up with actress and celebrity mom Holly Robinson Peete to promote their new product, Suave Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Indulgent Body Wash. Aside from using the new product, mothers everywhere can enter to win a chance to shower themselves beautiful through The Shower Yourself Beautiful Sweepstakes running from June 15th through July 27th, 2009.  Moms can visit to create a registry for a chance to instantly win prizes and each week a new registry will be featured including themes such as bathroom, bedroom, and vacation.


Don’t forget to see the complete celebration in Part 2: The Celebration. And fear not Mommy Niri has also a surprise for her readers. You will also get to partake in the fun as Mommy Niri is giving away a foot spa. Read more about it in Part 3: Your turn, Win a Foot spa. Once again thanks to my wonderful sponsors:

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