Mommy Niri Launches Facebook Fan Page!

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Ok, so I really hate the term fan page but I could not change it so I guess I am stuck with it. I would have rather had a page called Mommy Niri reader page. The term fan for some reason concocts an image of a superstar of sorts and I hate anything that bears resemblance to creating levels or classes. Anyway I thought there were several benefits to having this “fan” page

  • I get to give you little snippets of what is buzzing around Mommy Nirimn-logo-final
  • I get to hear what you think of those buzzes
  • I get to hear your buzzes (anything on your mind, what you thought of some contest prize you won, a topic you would like discussed… you get the picture)
  • Latest news regarding contest winners

Please join the Mommy Niri Facebook Fan Page as I would love to hear from you, in fact nothing would make me happier than to see everyone¬† active on it. Let’s get talking!

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