I Am A Purex Insider!

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What’s a Purex Insider you say?Well, no spy story here, although my package did read “TOP SECRET: Confidential!“, but I am among 200 people in the country chosen by Purex to test the new laundry product by Purex. I am probably the last to blog about it. Why did I take so long is a question you may ask only if you have not been to my home, otherwise you would already know that I am always behind in the laundry department. Sure I get the laundry done, but putting it away is something else.

Purex has created a 3-in-1 laundry sheets that have have detergent, fabric softener and anti static in it. That is right no more measuring detergent. No more messy detergent dropped all over. No more separate fabric softener. Here’s the thing, I have not used fabric softener in a very long time. The price and pain of remembering to use it has been the major deterrent to ever using it. After using the Purex sheet I realized what my poor clothing had suffered by me taking that route. With the Purex 3-in-1 my laundry was beautiful, soft and wonderfully fragranced.

Would I use them again, more likely so though admittedly I prefer my laundry to be fragrance-free. Keep your eyes peeled at the shelves in your detergent aisle and try it for yourself and be sure to let Mommy Niri know what you think. Another (clean) scoop brought to you courtesy of Mommy Niri!

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