Friday 5: 5 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For BlogHer ’09

FRIDAY 5 | | June 19, 2009 at 9:15 pm


As part of the Mommy Niri Friday 5 series I am going to delve on something into something that has been playing on my mind BlogHer 09 (for those not in the know, and I can’t believe anyone would not know especially if you are a reader of Mommy Niri, BlogHer is the Women’s blogging conference).  I await the BlogHer conference (a special shout out to my sponsor for BlogHer Sabi Games, the makers of ItzaBitza) in July in Chicago with excitement and trepidation, heres why:

  1. I get the bed! You see, I co-sleep. Ok, all of you getting on your soapbox to lecture me about the perils of co-sleeping, put a sock in it! This is not a debate about co-sleeping, I do it so deal with (or rather I deal with it).  I am really looking forward to have the bed all to myself. Maybe I should be yearning to just have hubby right there, but after 4 years of having kids all over you, sometimes it is nice to have one gigantic bed to yourself. King size bed here I come
  2. New shoes. Although I love my Dansko clogs (and they were my most expensive purchase for shoes) I have worn them since I was pregnant with my first child over 4 years ago. The ease of use (no lace and straps) has made them a favorite and their convenience is the reason I continued use while juggling my 2 boisterous girls. In honor of party nights at BlogHer I think it is time to step into new shoes, and this time something with sexy straps are in order.
  3. The sound of silence! Yes the sounds of my girls giggling makes my heart sing, but they are peppered (a little too much) by the bickering which make me want to scream. As much I love my girls a few days without someone calling on mama to save the day. It just might be the refreshment this referee needs to tackle the next squabble on my return.
  4. Closing that bathroom door. I hope I can do this. It has been 4 years so maybe by the end of the conference I may get the courage to do it. You may have read my post on Privacy Please bemoaning the absence of this simple pleasure in a mom’s life.
  5. Dressing up. Seriously there are days (beginning to feel a lot longer than that) where I don’t even glance at the mirror. In fact my grooming and dressing has taken a back seat (actually so far back it feels like it is being towed currently) that I need an excuse to prep myself for something other than to go to the zoo. In fact if you read my Spa with Power Tools post you may be able to get the picture a little.  Anyone in need of reviewing a swanky dress?

In fact this trip will be the first time I will be away from my kids, ever. Well the one night I was away from my older child, I was in the hospital delivering my second baby girl, and I was sure to be back home the following night. There will be tears but mommy bloggers are the best kind to wipe them away.

What is your best reason for wanting to go to BlogHer?

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