Friday 5: 5 Signs Of Bad Customer Service!

FRIDAY 5 | | June 12, 2009 at 4:38 pm


As part of the Mommy Niri Friday 5 series, Mommy  Niri has decided to speak on a topic that has been niggling her for a while, Customer Service, or rather Bad Customer Service.  Surprising, isn’t it, that in an economy that is struggling to stay afloat, people have the audacity to display poor customer service? Here are a few of Mommy Niri’s pet peeves in  Customer Service.

  1. Get off the phone! Seriously now, I was at a toy store and had to really try obtaining the salesperson’s attention just to get a question answered. The call was (obviously) private and she put the phone down for a second before answering me and then got back to the phone call. I am so sorry to interrupt your call to try and make a purchase.
  2. Look at me! This one makes my blood curdle. The eye contact, or lack thereof, makes me feel like I don’t exist. Sometimes when you enter a store or office, people walk about their business  and no one looks up to acknowledge your presence. I was dealing with a messed up color service and the manager did not look at me once as she discussed the entire situation with the color technician.
  3. Stop chewing! This happened today while picking up my daughter’s prescription at the pharmacy. The pharmacist was chewing gum like there was no tomorrow. I know there is no rule broken but somehow I find it difficult to focus when the person talking to me is chewing so ferociously like like a cow chewing cud.
  4. Don’t keep me waiting. Long waits (even on the phone) are painful on their own, add to it some squabbling kids and you have the mix for a volatile situation. I think I don’t hate waiting as much as I hate been uninformed about it. My biggest beef is with the pediatrician’s office, they expect you to undress your kid and wait for ages.   Let me know so I can plan around it! Running late with appointments? Then pick up the phone and let me know so I don’t spend the better part of my life in your waiting room.
  5. Save The Saccharine Smile. The superficial smile and comments laced with coldness is tantamount to rudeness. The industry which has perfected this, the airline and their flight attendants. Not sure if some people get a  (false) sense of job security and dare to think they can get away with this behavior but there must be some logic it which I certainly can’t fathom.

What customer service behavior drives you crazy?

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  1. 1
    Ramesh says:

    This is precisely the reason why I stopped visiting Rain Forest Cafe. An apology for serving chicken in a “vegetarian dish” would have sufficed. Mistakes happen but the manager seemed unapologetic and even had the gall to ask for payment.

  2. 2
    shilpa says:

    So true, long waits at pediatrician’s office for no reason….it really sucks!!!

  3. 3
    Tamara B. says:

    SO true!

  4. 4
    Jessica says:

    Thanks for this posting!!! My husband and I can tell you about bad service. We lived in a small town in NC and hated going out to restaurants we received nothing but bad service and the management didn’t even care if we complained. We once had our tray of food thrown at us at a Quizno’s LMAO just recalling the situation. We called the manager and he apologized and offered us free food next time we visit. (Sure liek we would go back) You can guarantee yourself great service at a Publix and at Nordstrom. THat is why our family is loyal to them.

  5. 5

    It’s funny, it doesn’t take much to acknowledge someone using your eyes. There is at least one business that I will not go back to for that reason

  6. 6
    amanda says:

    hehehe im so happy to read posts like these they dont make me feel so irational when i am handing my hard earned money over to someone who is doing a great job at pissing me off!!! Fast food resturants are making a comeback though!!

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