And Then There Was Camera #3!

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That’s 3 times this week. Yes, 3 times that I was ready to take a perfect shot and my camera died on me. I guess I should be glad it was just batteries with this camera. My camera woes did not begin just here. My saga started around 6 or more years ago when I got the first digital camera (aka camera #1 an Olympus) which was fine until Baby #1 came along. Don’t ask me model # etc, I don’t know or care, and I should not want to. Then I had to get a new smaller camera. “But why? Our camera works just fine” hubby needed to know. Well, if it was smaller I could take it everywhere I explained, wondering why on earth I should ever explain myself. I mean if you look at family pictures the reason I am in so few is not because I think I look awful in them (well that too) but because I am the “Official Photographer” of the family, so should I not be the decision maker too?

Anyway camera #2 (a Pentax) lasted a while, and managed to survive Baby #2 as well. I loved that it fit in an Altoid box. Do I see you shaking your head wondering why is that important? Well, when my bag is full of diapers, (bribery) candy, crayons and who-knows-what, the last thing I need is a big, fat camera. Anyway with camera #2 I had one of those rechargeable batteries (I am a smartypants and bought 2) which were great until their life slowly drained.

Anyway come this n Mother’s Day and I was at a Dora Live show and I pull out my camera (relax mamas it was during intermission, I would never take pictures of live theater) and I find it cracked. I try to relax and tell myself to breathe easily and think this is just an opportunity to get a new (nicer) camera. The moment I mention it my my sweetie I can see the dollar signs in his eyes but thankfully he realized it was Mother’s Day and refrained from any snarky comments. A quick trip to Walmart to just get a (cheap) camera, I opt for a Nikon as #3. On the very lower price range but I figured the name was a good one so should be decent.  So far the journey has not been good, much heavier to carry and drains batteries faster than I can insert them. One thing is crystal clear, I need a new camera, again!

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