10-10-10, A Life Transforming Idea by Suzy Welch

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Suzy Welch is a noted journalist, columnist for The Oprah Magazine, and wife to Jack Welch (the legendary CEO of GE). Her new book 10-10-10, Ten Minutes, Ten Months, and Ten Years, A Life Transforming Idea is about making good decisions. Ten minutes, ten months, and ten years refer to short term, mid term, and long term impact of your decisions. It’s a new approach to making choices that can truly transform your life. It’s about a consistent decision making process that can bring a lot of clarity into one’s life.

As I skimmed through the pages, I realized that the concept is not an entirely new or a revolutionary concept. I am sure that most people are aware of some sort of 10-10-10 processes – they may call it by different names but it is essentially the same. By no means, I am suggesting that Suzy’s 10-10-10 concept is still born. She deserves the credit for bringing to our attention a topic that has often been overlooked. She is right – your choices can transform your life (whether it is about choosing your spouse, sticking with a crappy job or being a stay at home mom ). At the end of the day it comes back to you, as to who you are, what you are made of, and whether you can stand by your choices.

Her book, I am sure, would be well received by those who need help in their decision making.  In reality, who doesn’t?

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    Jerry says:

    Considering the short, medium and long term implications of important decisions is a good idea. But, come on, don’t you already do that? This is a 2 page article expanded to book length. I’m amazed by all the positive reviews this book has generated. I’m guessing Suzy and Jack Welch have lots of powerful friends who didn’t mind providing blurbs.

    By the way, Suzy Welch had an affair with Jack Welch while she was doing a story about him for the Harvard Business Review. He was also married at the time. She may be rich and accomplished in some ways, but I wouldn’t consider her to be a role model.

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