Mommy Niri Nominated For Best Local Blog In Nickelodeon Parents’ Pick Awards!

PARENTING | | May 10, 2009 at 1:51 pm


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How wonderful it was to get an email on Friday to let me know that Mommy Niri has been nominated for a Nickelodeon’s Parent’s Pick Award in the Best Local Blog section. The surprise soon subsided and then I went on in disbelief to see if it was some prank. I mean Mommy Niri is some little player in this blogging space so it was a little unbelievable that anyone would be taking notice.

Anyway lo-and-behold it was true and Mommy Niri is listed as 1 of 5 blogs in the running. Looking at the others, who were well entrenched in this field, I thought that it was futile to hope or remotely even imagine anything. It was an honor in itself to be nominated but the fear of losing will not be my reason for not trying. I have been thrilled to see my ever growing list of friends and supporters cheer me on. I may not win the race but I certainly will run the course. Hope you stand by me. Vote at, and you can vote once every day. I will have a link on the sidebar here to make it easy. Thank you for supporting me!



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