Mommy Niri Goes “Up”, Up And Away!

NEWS | | May 24, 2009 at 8:36 pm


The Disney/Pixar movie “UP” releases on May 29th but Mommy Niri not only got to see the advanced screening early April  but also gave several readers to win tickets to the screening. The movie was amazing in so many dimensions (it would have had to have been to have kept my 2 little ones glued to their seats)  that the beauty of it would be hard to describe. Plus I would hate to give too much of the plot away.

As part of the media outreach for the movie Mommy Niri was invited to take flight aboard “Up” character Carl Fredricksen’s armchair. Powered by gigantic, colorful, helium-filled balloons, I got to soar more than 40 feet into the air above Boston.  Although it sounded slightly daunting I figured there was no way I was going to refuse this opportunity. Except for my heart skipping a beat when I signed a waiver or when the crew gave me a pair or scissors while informing which rope to cut if something went wrong, I felt pretty calm.

As I was strapped in by the crew excitement coursed through my body. The mixture of wonder and serenity I felt as I was all alone, high above the ground was something this mommy so needed. It was amazing to just be sitting in a chair in the sky. We were blessed with beautiful sunny weather and just like the movie, you would have to experience it to truly understand  it.

I spoke to Disney spokesperson Tiffany Phillips and learned that this was being done in 20 cities. It also surprised me to learn that the crew had started inflating those larger-than-life balloons from 2:00am that morning. The months of work that went into building the flying chair contraption for the few moments in the air was in my opinion so totally worth it,  So it is official, Mommy Niri is cool!


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