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PARENTING | | May 19, 2009 at 8:17 pm


Moms are faced with several issues including Stay at Home Moms, Keeping Sparkly Homes, and Pregnant Women. Google for all its greatness hasn’t been all that helpful for parenting information. In comes comes Mamapedia – enables you to search answers for your most pressing questions, such as potty training, childhood crushes, and summer camps, to get empathetic and insightful answers from moms around the country. Thanks to mom central for introducing Mamapedia. A virtual encyclopedia of Mothers’ wisdom, Mamapedia allows you to quickly navigate through thousands of diverse categories to find the thoughtful, sympathetic-and most importantly-helpful answers to all of your questions.

The search results are sorted by relevance and show the number of mommy answers to each relevant category – making it highly navigable. The interface is designed to quickly browse through a bunch of results by seeing the number of mommy answers. The results are better than what you would find on Google. Just like Kayak for travel and Indeed for job search, there is a need for technology solution to serve the parenting market. Mamapedia is filling the technology gap for parenting.

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